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Compressor Start Relay
Fix Number FIX3502347
Manufacturer Part Number 297237702
The start relay briefly boosts the compressor, and then shuts off as soon as the motor gets up to speed. Note: This part has been updated by the manufacturer. It may differ in appearance but will still function the same as the original.
Fixes these symptoms
  • Fridge too warm
  • Will Not Start
  • Won’t start
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Refrigerator Compressor Start Relay Kit
Fix Number FIX8689661
Manufacturer Part Number 5304491941
Compressor start relay kit is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) part that fits some Kenmore, Frigidaire, Electrolux, Crosley, Gibson and White-Westinghouse refrigerators. It also fits some Kenmore, Frigidaire and Gibson upright freezers. Compressor start relay kit includes the compressor start relay, run capacitor, wire harness adapter, 2 wire terminals, 2 wire connectors, 2 pieces of wire connection shrink tubing, the wire retaining clip and kit instructions sheet. Clarification of instructions: Kit 5304491941 now uses a wire harness with white wires; attach the red compressor power wire to the wire harness adapter's white wire that plugs into the start device terminal at the outside edge of the start device. Replaces original refrigerator and freezer compressor start relay part numbers 216649316, 218721119, 241524601, 241524605 and 5304468029. Fits some refrigerators in the following series: Kenmore and Kenmore Elite 253; Frigidaire FRS, FRT, FRX, FSC, GLH, GLR, GS2, NGS, PHS, PLH and PLRS; Electrolux E23; Crosley CRSE; Gibson GRS and GRT; and White-Westinghouse WRS and WRT. Also fits some upright freezers in these series: Kenmore 253; Frigidaire FFU; and Gibson GFU.
Fixes these symptoms
  • Freezer section too warm
  • Fridge and Freezer are too warm
  • Fridge too warm
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Start Device
Fix Number FIX2331559
Manufacturer Part Number 241707715
Fixes these symptoms
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Filter - Drier
Fix Number FIX464532
Manufacturer Part Number 5303305677
Refrigerant system filter/dryer.
Fixes these symptoms
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Starter Device
Fix Number FIX1526482
Manufacturer Part Number 241707701
This part is both the start relay and the overload. The start relay boosts the compressor, and then shuts off as soon as the motor gets up to speed and the overload provides extra protection against excessive temperatures.
Fixes these symptoms
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Compressor Start Relay Kit
Fix Number FIX8689662
Manufacturer Part Number 5304491942
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Fix Number FIX2332236
Manufacturer Part Number 297217900
Fixes these symptoms
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Compressor Kit
Fix Number FIX2583042
Manufacturer Part Number 5304478809
This is the mechanics (motor/engine) of the cooling system. It kicks in whenever the thermostat demands cooling. ***NOTE: This part needs to be installed by a trained professional in appliance repair. It requires special tools and knowledge to do so.
Special Order
Fix Number FIX1560523
Manufacturer Part Number 241707705
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Start Relay
Fix Number FIX1991209
Manufacturer Part Number 241707712

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