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Door Rack
Fix Number FIX735091
Manufacturer Part Number 240535101
This door rack is for the bottom shelf of your refrigerator door, the top and middle shelf racks are sold separately. Please note that these doors racks are sold individually and not part of a kit. This particular part measures approximately 23 inches wide and is made of white plastic. This is a certified OEM part, which ensures it fits your fridge properly. This part helps to keep small items on the fridge door shelf and should be replaced if it cracks or breaks. Replacing the door rack (also known as a retainer bar) is a simple process and does not require any tools. Pop the old, broken rack out and snap the new one in, making sure that the locking tabs are secure.
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Door Rack - White
Fix Number FIX734991
Manufacturer Part Number 240535201
The door rack, also known as a door shelf retainer bar, is used to hold items stored on the fridge door in place. The rack includes the two ends caps that are necessary for installation, and they come already attached to the rack. No tools are required to replace this genuine OEM part. Simply pull up on the old rack to remove it, then line up the clips on the end caps and snap the new rack into place.
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Door Shelf End Cap - Left or Right Side
Fix Number FIX422444
Manufacturer Part Number 215267701
This part includes one refrigerator door shelf end cap, which is compatible with either the left or right side. This durable white plastic part is sourced directly from the original manufacturer and is used to hold the door bin on the refrigerator door. To remove it you will need to remove that end of the shelf by pressing upwards or downwards on it. Once it is removed you should be able to just pull the end cap off by hand. Place the new end cap on by aligning it with the locking tabs on the rail and snapping it into place. Then you will snap it into the opening on the shelf of the fridge.
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Door Shelf End Cap - Left or Right Side
Fix Number FIX422925
Manufacturer Part Number 215473602
It can be used for either the right side or the left side of some refrigerator door shelves.
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Door Shelf Retainer Bar - Cut to Fit
Fix Number FIX422630
Manufacturer Part Number 215366002
This is a white cut-to-fit door shelf retainer bar.
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Door Rack
Fix Number FIX735098
Manufacturer Part Number 240535301
This door rack, also known as a door shelf bin, is a genuine OEM replacement part for your fridge. The clear plastic bin can become cracked over time, and is very easy to replace. Simply pull out the existing shelf bin, and put the new one in place, making sure to snap the mounting tabs into place.
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Crisper Drawer Cover Support
Fix Number FIX461210
Manufacturer Part Number 5303288973
This is the replacement crisper drawer cover support for your refrigerator. The crisper shelf rests on the support, which keeps it level. If your drawer cover or shelf will not stay level, or will not stay in place, the support may be damaged. The support is held in place on the refrigerator wall with a drive pin. To remove the damaged support, simply drive the pin all the way in, and use a putty knife to pry the support from the refrigerator wall. At this point, pull the drive pin out and replace the old support with the new one. This is an OEM part and is sold individually.
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Door Rack Freezer
Fix Number FIX735092
Manufacturer Part Number 240535001
This part is the replacement door rack for your refrigerator freezer. It is made of white plastic and is approximately 23 inches by 5 inches in size. The door rack connects to your freezer door and allows you to store items on the door shelf, without the items falling out when you open or close the door. The main reason to replace the door rack would be if it is cracked, broken, or missing. To replace the door rack, carefully pop it out of the guide holes in the freezer door and snap the new rack into place. This part is sold individually and is a genuine OEM part.
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Wire Shelf
Fix Number FIX9492364
Manufacturer Part Number 240360906
Sold individually.
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Door Shelf Retainer Bar End Cap - Left or Right Side
Fix Number FIX428664
Manufacturer Part Number 218758602
It can be used with either the right side or the left side refrigerator and freezer door shelves.

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