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Crisper Drawer
Fix Number FIX430211
Manufacturer Part Number 240364503
Sold individually.
Special Order
Crisper Drawer Cover Support
Fix Number FIX461210
Manufacturer Part Number 5303288973
This is the replacement crisper drawer cover support for your refrigerator. The crisper shelf rests on the support, which keeps it level. If your drawer cover or shelf will not stay level, or will not stay in place, the support may be damaged. The support is held in place on the refrigerator wall with a drive pin. To remove the damaged support, simply drive the pin all the way in, and use a putty knife to pry the support from the refrigerator wall. At this point, pull the drive pin out and replace the old support with the new one. This is an OEM part and is sold individually.
In Stock
Crisper Pan Cover
Fix Number FIX3651544
Manufacturer Part Number 242120501
In Stock
Lower Crisper Pan
Fix Number FIX430209
Manufacturer Part Number 240364501
Special Order
Lower Crisper Drawer
Fix Number FIX461313
Manufacturer Part Number 5303289501
This lower drawer does NOT come with the front cover.
Fixes these symptoms
In Stock
Crisper Drawer Frame
Fix Number FIX427282
Manufacturer Part Number 218147701
This acts as the shelving unit and also the glides for the crisper pans. NOTE: Glass NOT included. Frame only.
In Stock
Upper Crisper Drawer - Front NOT Included
Fix Number FIX461312
Manufacturer Part Number 5303289500
Front must be ordered separately.
Fixes these symptoms
In Stock
Meat Drawer Hanging Rail - Right Side
Fix Number FIX429412
Manufacturer Part Number 218971302
This drawer rail supports the right hand side of the meat drawer.
In Stock
Upper Crisper Drawer
Fix Number FIX461208
Manufacturer Part Number 5303288971
The front for this part is sold separately or you can use your existing part.
Fixes these symptoms
In Stock
Meat Drawer Hanging Rail - Left Side
Fix Number FIX429410
Manufacturer Part Number 218971202
The drawer track supports the left hand side of the sliding drawer.

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