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Door Shelf Retainer Bar
Fix Number FIX734935
Manufacturer Part Number 240534901
This is a genuine door shelf retaining bar for a refrigerator. It attaches to the inside of the door on the refrigerator and helps to secure items placed on the shelf. It is made of white plastic and can be easily installed without the use of tools. Start by making sure the projection on the inner door panel fits into the recessed area at the top of the shelf retainer bar. Once they are lined up, press it into place until you hear a snap. This part measures approximately 25-inches wide, 3-inches high, and 5-inches deep. If it breaks, cracks or warps over time, it will need to be replaced. This part is sold as an individual part. We recommend taking this opportunity to inspect the other shelf retaining bars for damage in case they also need to be replaced at the same time.
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Door Shelf Retainer Bar
Fix Number FIX734936
Manufacturer Part Number 240534701
This middle shelf retainer bar attaches to the inside of the refrigerator door and helps to contain items on the shelf inside your appliance, like condiments and small containers. Its approximate size is 26 inches long, 3.5 inches tall, and made of white durable plastic. This part can start to wear or break over time, in which case it should be replaced. This is a beginner repair, that will not take any time at all. Start by removing the old part by pulling the tabs to release it. To install your new shelf, line it up with the shelf indents over the tabs, and gently press it down to lock in place. This is an OEM replacement part that is sold individually.
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Crisper Glass Shelf Insert
Fix Number FIX429963
Manufacturer Part Number 240350608
This glass shelf sits above the crisper drawers in your refrigerator. This part is just the glass, there are no brackets or additional mounting hardware (these can be purchased separately if needed). Regular wear and tear or excess weight can cause damage to the shelf, and it should be replaced if damaged. No tools are required to do this, simply remove the old part and carefully place the new shelf glass down ensuring it is lined up properly with the shelf lip. This is a genuine OEM part that measures 23.82 inches by 15.50 inches.
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Refrigerator Crisper Drawer Cover
Fix Number FIX2363600
Manufacturer Part Number 240364787
This is a genuine OEM replacement crisper drawer cover for your refrigerator. It measures approximately 27 inches by 20 inches and does not include the glass insert for the self. You can reuse the glass from your current drawer cover or purchase it separately if required. This piece sits above the two side-by-side crisper drawers and is made of white plastic.
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Door Shelf End Cap - Left or Right Side
Fix Number FIX422925
Manufacturer Part Number 215473602
It can be used for either the right side or the left side of some refrigerator door shelves.
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Door Shelf End Cap - Left or Right Side
Fix Number FIX422444
Manufacturer Part Number 215267701
This end cap can be used for the right or left side of the refrigerator door shelf or the freezer door shelf.
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Shelf Trim - Rear
Fix Number FIX735086
Manufacturer Part Number 240561502
This is a replacement rear shelf trim for your refrigerator. It is approximately 24 inches long and 1 inch wide. The shelf trim is made of white plastic and is sold individually. You will find the rear shelf trim connected to the shelf, in the back of the fridge. The main reason you would replace the shelf trim is if the old one is damaged or missing. This is an authentic OEM part from the manufacturer.
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Crisper Cover Frame - No Glass
Fix Number FIX3408403
Manufacturer Part Number 240364793
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Front Shelf Trim
Fix Number FIX430139
Manufacturer Part Number 240357704
This trim goes on the front of the shelf.
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Freezer Shelf
Fix Number FIX8769003
Manufacturer Part Number 240358008
Sold individually. This shelf is for refrigerators. Follow the directions in the owner's manual to install refrigerator shelf in your refrigerator. Wear work gloves to protect your hands.

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