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Light Socket
Fix Number FIX299782
Manufacturer Part Number WR2X9391
This part is a replacement light socket for your refrigerator. It connects to the power source, and holds the light bulb. If the light in your refrigerator is not working, you could have a faulty socket. It is important to determine if the light bulb is simply burned out, or if the socket is causing the issue. Be sure to disconnect your refrigerator from the power source before you begin this repair. This socket is black in color and is sold individually. This is an OEM part sourced directly from the manufacturer.
Fixes these symptoms
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Light Socket & Terminal
Fix Number FIX285018
Manufacturer Part Number WR02X10591
Fixes these symptoms
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2 Pack Light Bulb - 40W
Fix Number FIX8760365
Manufacturer Part Number 5304490731
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Lamp Socket
Fix Number FIX299929
Manufacturer Part Number WR2X9561
Fixes these symptoms
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Refrigerator Light Bulb
Fix Number FIX285222
Manufacturer Part Number WR02X10812
The light bulb WR02X10812 illuminates the inside of the refrigerator. 40-watt
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Lower Light Cover
Fix Number FIX293656
Manufacturer Part Number WR17X3909
Found in fresh food section of refrigerator.
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Freezer Light Shield
Fix Number FIX293386
Manufacturer Part Number WR17X3489
In Stock
Fix Number FIX1022035
Manufacturer Part Number WR17X11942
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Light Shield
Fix Number FIX291976
Manufacturer Part Number WR17X10801
This shield is found at the bottom of the fresh food section.
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Fix Number FIX291950
Manufacturer Part Number WR17X10765

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