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Refrigerator Door Shelf Bin
3 Reviews
Fix Number FIX429871
Manufacturer Part Number 240338001
This easy-to-install refrigerator door shelf bin is used to hold products inside your refrigerator. It is sold individually. This shelf attaches to the door and is designed for the upper shelf. This white plastic shelf bin is approximately 26-inches wide, just over 4-inches tall and 7-inches deep. This shelf is prone to wear and tear over the lifetime of the appliance and will need to be replaced when it appears damaged, cracked, or warped. This is a quick and easy repair that only requires you disengage the old shelf with your hands and snap the new one into place.
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Refrigerator Door Shelf Bin
4 Reviews
Fix Number FIX429873
Manufacturer Part Number 240338101
This is a white plastic door shelf bin for your refrigerator. It is attached to the inside bottom of the refrigerator door shelf where it helps to contain items such as jars and condiments. This part can break or warp over time and will need to be replaced. It measures roughly 24-3/4 inches wide by 3.4 inches tall. This is a quick and easy installation, not requiring any tools. Simply snap it in place on the mounting tabs. This is an OEM part that is sold individually.
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Crisper Support - Rear
Fix Number FIX2358879
Manufacturer Part Number 241993001
This rear crisper support mounts on the inside of the refrigerator wall to support the rear crisper cover. It is made of white plastic and is sold as an individual part. The support is secured in place by a locking pin. It usually becomes evident that this part needs to be replaced when the shelf is no longer level or the drawer is not opening and closing as it should. For this repair, you will need to remove all the shelves above the crisper to provide space to complete this easy repair. You will need a small putty knife, short flat blade screwdriver, and a small hammer.
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Crisper Glass Shelf Insert
Fix Number FIX429963
Manufacturer Part Number 240350608
This glass shelf sits above the crisper drawers in your refrigerator. This part is just the glass, there are no brackets or additional mounting hardware (these can be purchased separately if needed). Regular wear and tear or excess weight can cause damage to the shelf, and it should be replaced if damaged. No tools are required to do this, simply remove the old part and carefully place the new shelf glass down ensuring it is lined up properly with the shelf lip. This is a genuine OEM part that measures 23.82 inches by 15.50 inches.
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Door Bin
Fix Number FIX976749
Manufacturer Part Number 241505501
Sold individually.
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Refrigerator Shelf (Spill Safe) - White
1 Review
Fix Number FIX2581463
Manufacturer Part Number 240358926
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Crisper Drawer Cover - NO Glass
Fix Number FIX2361213
Manufacturer Part Number 240350903
This genuine OEM replacement part is the plastic cover or frame for the crisper drawer in your refrigerator. The crisper drawer sits underneath, held in place with the molded glide rails, and the glass shelf sits on top. Please note that these parts are sold separately or can be reused from your existing shelf if they are not damaged. Regular wear or excess weight can cause damage to the crisper shelf assembly, so be mindful not to overload the drawer or shelf.
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Meat Pan Cover Frame - Glass NOT Included
Fix Number FIX2378645
Manufacturer Part Number 240599803
This genuine OEM part is the white plastic frame for the meat pan in your refrigerator. The frame measures approximately 17-inches by 16-inches, and is used to support the drawer, or meat pan. The frame can become cracked or damaged due to excess weight on the shelf, and if this happens it should be replaced. Please note that the drawer and the glass shelf are not included with the frame but can be purchased separately if required.
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Refrigerator Door Bin
Fix Number FIX976745
Manufacturer Part Number 241505301
Part may not be exactly as shown. This door bin is for refrigerators. Door bin attaches to the inside of the refrigerator door and typically holds jars and bottles.
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Crisper Glass Insert
Fix Number FIX645378
Manufacturer Part Number 240350649
This is a replacement crisper glass insert for your refrigerator. It fits into the crisper pan frame and acts as the top of the crisper pan, as well as a shelf for food storage. Because it is made of glass, the insert can occasionally become cracked or broken, and in this case, it will need to be replaced. To replace the insert, simply slide the old insert out and replace it with the new one. The glass insert measures approximately 17.12" X 15.40", and is sold individually. This is an OEM part sourced directly from the manufacturer.

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