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Rubber Hinge Bumper
Fix Number FIX1020952
Manufacturer Part Number WB02K10112
The rubber bumper sits between the burner and the range itself to ensure the burners do not scrape the stove top. This OEM replacement bumper is sourced directly from the manufacturer, and is sold individually.
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Hinge with Roller - Left Side
Fix Number FIX231611
Manufacturer Part Number WB14X103
This hinge is located on each side of the oven door
Fixes these symptoms
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Hinge with Roller - Right Side
Fix Number FIX231612
Manufacturer Part Number WB14X104
This hinge is located on each side of the oven door.
Fixes these symptoms
  • Door won’t close
  • Door won’t open after self cleaning cycle
  • See more...
In Stock
Hinge - Left or Right Side
Fix Number FIX230758
Manufacturer Part Number WB10K12
This door hinge can be used for the left or right side. Sold individually.
Special Order
Broiler Drawer Hinge - Right Side
Fix Number FIX230766
Manufacturer Part Number WB10K5
Special Order
Broiler Drawer Hinge - Left Side
Fix Number FIX230779
Manufacturer Part Number WB10K6
Special Order
Hinge Support Bracket - Right Side
Fix Number FIX230759
Manufacturer Part Number WB10K13
In Stock
Fix Number FIX231443
Manufacturer Part Number WB14K5007
Special Order
Fix Number FIX2320993
Manufacturer Part Number WB02K10179
Special Order
Fix Number FIX11773642
Manufacturer Part Number WB10X21427

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