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Drawer Support
Fix Number FIX2320972
Manufacturer Part Number WB02K10158
This is a replacement drawer support for your oven. The drawer support provides stability to the drawer unit as it opens and closes. If your oven drawer is hanging or will not slide in or out efficiently, you could have a damaged or missing drawer support. This part is made of white plastic and is sold individually. To replace the support, simply remove the oven drawer, and unscrew the front support on the sides of the oven. Then, simply screw the new part in and replace the drawer to complete your repair.
Fixes these symptoms
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Drawer Glider - Right Side
Fix Number FIX751894
Manufacturer Part Number WB02K10061
Fixes these symptoms
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Drawer Glider - Left Side
Fix Number FIX751895
Manufacturer Part Number WB02K10062
Fixes these symptoms
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Drawer Glider
Fix Number FIX241689
Manufacturer Part Number WB2K68
  In Stock
Fix Number FIX2320977
Manufacturer Part Number WB02K10163
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Fix Number FIX252111
Manufacturer Part Number WB56M3
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Fix Number FIX248190
Manufacturer Part Number WB39K6
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Broiler Drawer Slide - Right Side
Fix Number FIX248191
Manufacturer Part Number WB39K7
  Special Order
Fix Number FIX253361
Manufacturer Part Number WB58X65
  Special Order
Fix Number FIX2321868
Manufacturer Part Number WB39K10029

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