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Door Gasket
Fix Number FIX11746830
Manufacturer Part Number WP902894
This door gasket can be installed by simply pressing it into the channel around the door. This dishwasher door gasket, or door seal, allows the dishwasher door to have an airtight seal when closing the door. No tools are required for this installation, simply remove the existing gasket and press the replacement gasket into the channel around the door. It is recommended to clean the channel while the gasket is removed. This part may need to be replaced if the existing one is cracked, broken, or hardened, possibly causing water to leak through the door while it is running. This part is sold individually, and is sourced from the original manufacturer.
Fixes these symptoms
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Door Seal - Black
Fix Number FIX11747684
Manufacturer Part Number WP99002588
It provides a waterproof seal between the tub and the door.
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Inner Door Foam Insulation Strip
Fix Number FIX11748543
Manufacturer Part Number WPW10117748
This is an inner door foam insulation strip for your dishwasher. This part is also known as the foam seal. It creates a waterproof seal to prevent leaking from your appliance. Before installing the new strip, check your door for sticky leftover residue. This can be scraped off with a putty knife. Clean the surrounding area with a soapy wet cloth, and allow time to dry. During this process, we recommend checking your door gasket and dispenser grommet for damage to ensure your leaking problem is solved.
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Water Deflector
Fix Number FIX11747624
Manufacturer Part Number WP99001885
This black water deflector is sold individually. It is used to keep water away from the dishwasher door.
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Bottom Door Seal
Fix Number FIX11747685
Manufacturer Part Number WP99002589
This part is sold individually and does not come with push nuts. Must order the push nuts separately.
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O-Ring Seal
Fix Number FIX11746845
Manufacturer Part Number WP910934
This o-ring seal is well under an inch in diameter. It is all black in color and it is made entirely of rubber.
Fixes these symptoms
  • Leaking
  • Noisy
  • Not cleaning dishes properly
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Dispenser Door Latch Grommet
Fix Number FIX11747610
Manufacturer Part Number WP99001553
This grommet for your soap dispenser door is just under an inch long.
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Dishwasher Pump Grommet
Fix Number FIX11746860
Manufacturer Part Number WP913108
Fixes these symptoms
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Fix Number FIX11747733
Manufacturer Part Number WP99002857
Fixes these symptoms
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Injector Seal Ring
Fix Number FIX11746854
Manufacturer Part Number WP912644
Fixes these symptoms

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