How to Fix a Door Gasket for a Leaking Washer

If you’ve noticed that your washer is leaking from the front during the wash cycle, you’ll need to inspect the door gasket to see if it is the cause. The door gasket can easily be damaged and it’s prone to collecting dirt and soap, which can cause it to break down. This repair guide will give you step-by-step instructions on how to determine if the cause of your washer leaking is a faulty door gasket. Once you’ve established the cause, you’ll be able to determine whether you can fix it or will need to replace it. Often you can clean a door gasket with some hot water and soap. However, if you need to replace the door gasket, we’ll show you how to install a new one and restore your washer to full working condition.

What is a Door Gasket?

The door gasket, also known as the door boot/door bellows, is a large rubber seal between the front door of your washer and the washer tub. It holds the door firmly in place and keeps water from leaking out of the machine during the wash cycles. The door gasket/boot is vulnerable to tears and mold build-up, which can eat away at the gasket. This can result in water escaping from the washer tub and spilling out from the front of the washer during the wash cycles.

Where is the Door Gasket Located?

You can find the door gasket inside your washer, around the opening of the door.

A 3D diagram showing the components of a washer and specifying the location of the door gasket

How to Access, Remove, and Inspect the Door Gasket in a Front-Load Washing Machine

  1. Begin by shutting off the power to your washer for your safety.
  2. Open the front door of your washer to access the door gasket.
  3. Next, remove the spring clamp, which is a wire that runs around the door gasket to hold it in place. Use a pair of outer-spring pliers or a flat-blade screwdriver to expand the spring clamp and pull it off.
  4. Peel the door gasket away from the front panel and tuck it inside the machine.
  5. Remove the top and the front panel of your washer. The procedure for doing this will depend on your washer model.
  6. Release all the hoses attached to the door gasket by using pliers to release the clamps that hold them in place.
  7. Remove the second spring clamp holding the door gasket in place using the same technique as before.
  8. Pull the door gasket out of the machine and inspect it for any tears, rips or mold.

How to Install a New Door Gasket in a Washing Machine

  1. Follow the steps in “How to Access, Remove and Inspect the Door Gasket in a Front-Load Washing Machine” to remove the door gasket.
  2. Take your new door gasket and position it on the front of your washer.
  3. Make sure the hoses are lined up in the correct position.
  4. Reattach the second spring clamp holding the door gasket in place by expanding it with a pair of pliers or a flat-blade screwdriver.
  5. Push the hoses into the door gasket and fit the clamps securely back on.
  6. Place the front panel back on the machine and position the door gasket around the lip of the washer.
  7. Reattach the first spring clamp around the door gasket using the same technique as before.
  8. Secure the front panel and the top panel onto the machine and your repair is complete.

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