How to Fix the Drum Seal for a Noisy Dryer

The drum seal is prone to general wear and tear over time, as well as friction damage. Sometimes it may come loose if the adhesive that holds it in place can no longer do so. If it is worn out or can no longer maintain tension, you will likely hear a loud scraping sound as the drum spins on the worn-out seal. If you have noticed that your clothes are taking longer to dry and the air around your dryer is warm, this is a sign that the drum seal is indeed the cause of the scraping noise. Do not use your dryer if the seal is damaged, as this leaves the drum to bang against the dryer housing, potentially damaging itself and leaving you with more expensive repairs!

How to Diagnose the Drum Seal

Your dryer may either have one or two drum seals, depending on its model and make. Check if there are signs of wear, splits, frays, tears, or areas where the glue may have come off:

What is a Drum Seal?

The drum seal is a thin felt strip that sits between the drum and the rollers in the frame. It is responsible for ensuring that the drum rides on the rollers smoothly and does not rub against the dryer housing. It is also responsible for trapping hot air inside the dryer so that it does not escape. It is typically found at the front of the drum, but on other models, it can be found on both the front and back ends.

Where is the Drum Seal Located?

The drum seal is typically located at the front of the dryer between the drum and dryer housing. It may also be located on the rear of the drum, depending on the model of your machine.

General Location of the Drum Seal in a Dryer

A 3D diagram showing the components of a dryer and specifying the location of the drum seal

What Type of Noise Can You Expect?

A scraping sound may be present when your dryer's drum seal wears out.

How to Access and Remove the Drum Seal

  1. Disconnect your dryer from the electrical outlet before you begin.
  2. Remove the top panel of your dryer; depending on your model, you may need to detach the console to do this.
  3. Detach the front panel of your dryer. If your dryer has two, remove them both.
  4. Push down on the pulley to release the belt and pull the belt off the idler pulley and motor shaft.
  5. Carefully lift the drum out of the dryer through the front and place it on the ground.
  6. Now examine the drum seal to see whether it is still firmly in place around the opening of the drum. Also, inspect it to see if there are any holes or tears in the seal.
  7. If there is any damage, the drum seal will need to be replaced.

How to Install a New Drum Seal

  1. Remove the old felt seal and clean up any remaining adhesive residue.
  2. Carefully apply your high-temperature adhesive around the opening of the drum and place the new drum seal on top of the adhesive.
  3. Let it sit for 20-30 minutes to allow the adhesive to dry completely.
  4. Replace the drum back in the dryer and slide the belt onto the pulley and motor shaft.
  5. Ensure that the belt is taut and rotate it manually to make sure that it can spin freely.
  6. Place the front panel(s) back on the dryer and ensure it is securely positioned.
  7. Place the top panel back on the dryer, and your repair is complete!

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