How to Fix the Blower Wheel for a Noisy Dryer

If your dryer is making excessive noise, there might be an issue with the blower. The blower/fan has a set of fins that help it move air in your dryer. If there is an obstruction in the blower wheel, such as coins or nuts and bolts, you may hear a loud rattling or scraping noise. If the fins are damaged or loose, you may hear a light banging inside the machine from the fin making contact with the blower housing. Finally, the blower can get clogged with loose, damp lint if the lint filter is not working well. You will first need to find out what is wrong with the blower before you can fix it, and we’ll show you how!

What is a Blower Wheel?

The blower, also known as the fan, is powered by the motor and is responsible for circulating hot air through the dryer. It pulls in cool air from outside the machine and heats it up inside. The blower then releases this hot air into the drum to dry the clothes inside.

Where is the Blower Wheel Located?

The blower can be found at the bottom of the dryer.

General Location of the Blower Wheel in a Dryer

A 3D diagram showing the components of a dryer and specifying the location of the blower wheel

What Type of Noise Can You Expect?

If the blower wheel is faulty, you may hear a rattling, scraping, or light banging sound from your dryer.

How to Access and Remove the Blower Wheel

  1. Turn off your dryer and unplug it from the electrical outlet.
  2. Remove the top panel of your dryer. If it has a console on top, you may need to remove it before you can take off the top panel.
  3. Remove the front panel to access the blower housing.
  4. Disconnect the wiring harnesses from the motor. Take note of where each wire is connected, as you will need to reconnect them later.
  5. Remove the belt from the motor pulley; you may also need to remove the drum to access the motor.
  6. Remove the motor mounting bolts and gently lift the motor out of the dryer.
  7. Locate the blower wheel, which is typically at the end of the motor shaft and remove the fan shroud if your model has one.
  8. Next, remove the retaining clip or screw that holds the blower to the motor shaft. You may need to use pliers or a wrench.
  9. Pull the blower wheel off the motor shaft.
  10. Inspect it for any damage, foreign objects, or sticky lint. If the blower wheel is damaged, it will likely need to be replaced.

How to Install a New Blower Wheel

  1. Place your new blower wheel onto the motor shaft and secure it with the retaining clip or screw.
  2. Place the fan shroud on, if your model has one.
  3. Reinstall the motor into the dryer and bolt it back into place.
  4. Slide the drum inside the machine and loop the belt back on the motor pulley, ensuring the belt fits snugly around the drum.
  5. Reattach the wiring harnesses to the motor and look at your notes to make sure that each wire is connected to the right terminal.
  6. Replace the front panel of the dryer and reconnect the console.
  7. Place the top panel on the dryer, and your repair is complete!

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