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Temperature Sensor
Fix Number FIX820208
Manufacturer Part Number 316217002
This is a temperature sensor for a range. The sensor is what detects the temperature inside the oven and is often replaced when the oven is having heating issues. Please note that the wire connector may be different from the original; if this applies to your part, cut the quick connect and wire together with porcelain wire nuts. For this DIY repair, you will need a Number 2 Phillips or Number 2 square-head screwdriver and possibly wire strippers. Make sure to disconnect the power before installing this part. You will need to pull the range from the cabinet to gain access to this part from the back of the unit.
Fixes these symptoms
  • Element will not heat
  • Little to no heat when baking
  • Oven is too hot
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Installation Instructions
Stephen from Ormond Beach, FL
Oven not heating to the set temperature
Suspected sensor based on above problem. The biggest problem was not knowing how hard it would be to get the built-in oven from its slot. Once it moved an inch, it was easy. The sensor inside the oven is a little hard to access because of the oven door. I would recommend a magnetic screw driver to make it easy to hold the sensor screws and allow reaching in the oven with one hand. Read more...
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Fix Number FIX11731298
Manufacturer Part Number W10854530
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Broil Element
Fix Number FIX11747301
Manufacturer Part Number WP9760767
This broil element is found on the roof of the oven.
Fixes these symptoms
  • Element will not heat
  • Little to no heat when broiling
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Installation Instructions
Robert from Louise, TX
Broiler element sparked and burned out
The repair was very simple. First, I shut off the oven power at the breaker box. Next, I used a Phillips head screwdriver to loosen two screws at the back of oven where the broiler element was inserted. Then I removed two screws at the top of the oven where the mounting rack was attached. The next step is to partially move the element forward so that the electrical wires attached to the element could be detached. I used pliers to disengage the push type electrical connection. The wires only protrude about 3", so be careful not to pull the element out too far at this step. Now, just reverse the steps to install the new element. Read more...
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High Limit Thermostat
Fix Number FIX11742559
Manufacturer Part Number WP4450934
This part will trip the controls if your appliance gets too hot or if it isn't working properly. It is a safety feature.
Installation Instructions
Larry from Napoleon, OH
Food warmer would not heat up
first took apart appliance and did a electrical check on all wiring connections an d determined there was electricity going into thermostat and non coming out to appliance, i then did an ohms check on the thermostat and it was not letting any electricity pass thru which normally means the part is stuck open so no electricity passes through to heating elements.
So then i looked up the appliance on the internet and found the part i needed at fix.com, ordered it, took about 3/4 an hour to 1 1/2 hrs to reassemble and checked thermostat even before putting into appliance and it did what i thought it should do is let electricity pass thru. I then plugged appliance back in crossed my fingers and turn unit on and the light lit up and the warmer started working, Yeaaaaa.
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Drawer Slide
Fix Number FIX11749868
Manufacturer Part Number WPW10188461
If Drawer Does Not Fit Onto New Slides Then A New Drawer Will Have To Be Ordered By Model #.
In Stock
Light Switch
Fix Number FIX11742591
Manufacturer Part Number WP4452842
Also known as a rocker switch.
In Stock
Warming Element Control Switch
Fix Number FIX12176130
Manufacturer Part Number 5304508926
This part controls your warming drawer element.
In Stock
Fix Number FIX1488774
Manufacturer Part Number 9763126
In Stock
Halogen Bulb - 20W - 12V
Fix Number FIX951718
Manufacturer Part Number WB01X10239
Sold Individually.
Installation Instructions
Martin from Long Beach, NY
replaced a halogen bulb
I only replaced a halogen bulb so the light on the microwave oven would shine over the stove at night, or when I needed better lighting on the stove while cooking.
I used a Phillips to unscrew the plate covering the light bulb. I then grabbed the dead bulb, gently pulled it out, lined up the holes in the place where the new bulb would go with the pins on the new bulb, and gently (again) forced it into position.
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Fix Number FIX8727824
Manufacturer Part Number 00615352
Fixes these symptoms


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