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Popular General Electric Ice Maker Parts

Ice Maker – Part Number: WR30X10093
Ice Maker
Fix Number FIX1993870
Manufacturer Part Number WR30X10093
Replacement icemaker kit - electronic. This kit includes a 4 pin round plug-in connector, 6 post plug-in connector, tube and fill cup.
Fixes these symptoms
Ice maker dispenses too little ice
Ice maker dispenses too much ice
Ice maker not making ice

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Installation Instructions
marion from raleigh, NC says,

Ice maker stopped making ice
Super easy. Loosen 2 screws. Disconnect power line. Take out broken part and plug in new part then slide icemaker back in place and tighten 2 screws. Saved me the $89 service call plus whatever they w...read more

Power Cord – Part Number: WR23X10300
Power Cord
Fix Number FIX759476
Manufacturer Part Number WR23X10300
Fixes these symptoms
No Symptoms for this part
Single Outlet Valve Kit – Part Number: WR57X10033
Single Outlet Valve Kit
Fix Number FIX304375
Manufacturer Part Number WR57X10033
This single outlet valve has 1/4 inch compression fittings, and is intended for use with refrigerators that have ice makers that make crescent shaped ice cubes. NOTE: As per the manufacturer this valve has new quick connection. You must cut retaining nut off of the current plastic water line and gently push it into new valve. To remove, depress ring that the tube slides into.
Fixes these symptoms
Ice maker not making ice
Ice maker won’t dispense ice

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Installation Instructions
Steven from Hailey, ID says,

Ice maker was not receiving water - faulty valve solenoid
Unplug refrigerator. Shut off source of water to faulty icemaker valve , disconnect power clip to valve, water in and water out tubing from valve. Install new valve reversing the dismantling steps. Ke...read more

Ice Bucket - White – Part Number: WR30X10154
Ice Bucket - White
Fix Number FIX3499784
Manufacturer Part Number WR30X10154
Fixes these symptoms
No Symptoms for this part
Installation Instructions
Scott from Cary, NC says,

Missing ice bucket
Open Door.Insert Bin. Close Door....read more

1/4 Tubing Nut – Part Number: WR57X57
1/4 Tubing Nut
Fix Number FIX304401
Manufacturer Part Number WR57X57
Fixes these symptoms
No Symptoms for this part
Water Line - 1/4" – Part Number: WR17X1948
Water Line - 1/4"
Fix Number FIX292409
Manufacturer Part Number WR17X1948
Fixes these symptoms

Condenser Fan Motor Kit – Part Number: W10124096
Condenser Fan Motor Kit
Fix Number FIX1957416
Manufacturer Part Number W10124096
This condenser fan motor kit is used in icemakers and freezers, the purpose is to circulate air through the condenser in the compressor area in order to keep it cool. If your fridge is making loud noises when running or it is getting too warm, then consider replacing this part to solve your problem. The tools needed for this repair: 1/4 inch nut driver, slip joint pliers, 1/4 inch drive ratchet, and small flat blade screw driver. For installation instructions, follow manual provided by the manufacturer. Unplug tool from power source before you begin installation process.
Fixes these symptoms
Clicking sound
Freezer section too warm
Fridge and Freezer are too warm

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Installation Instructions
Patricia from Moline, IL says,

Very noisy whenever the fan came on.
Watched several online videos. Removed the fan blade, then the motor still attached to the motor mount so I could see what I was doing to attach the new motor to the motor mount. Then reinstalled the ...read more

Water Tube Kit – Part Number: W10823511
Water Tube Kit
Fix Number FIX11730901
Manufacturer Part Number W10823511
This is the replacement water tube kit for your refrigerator. This tubing is made of plastic, is 1/4 inch in diameter, and comes with 2 inserts. This tube may be longer than the original tube, and may need to be cut. This water tube transports water to the ice and water dispensers. If your refrigerator is leaking, or if the ice and water dispensers are not dispensing properly, you may need to replace this tube. This part is sold individually and is an OEM part sourced directly from the manufacturer.
Fixes these symptoms
Ice maker not making ice
Not dispensing water

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Installation Instructions
ron from aliquippa, PA says,

ice maker not working properly
replace ice maker...read more

Ice Cutting Grid – Part Number: WR29X10073
Ice Cutting Grid
Fix Number FIX1155288
Manufacturer Part Number WR29X10073
Fixes these symptoms
No Symptoms for this part
Icemaker Switch – Part Number: WR29X5171
Icemaker Switch
Fix Number FIX297462
Manufacturer Part Number WR29X5171
Fixes these symptoms
No Symptoms for this part

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