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Fix Number FIX10473206
Manufacturer Part Number RO-672260
This is a belt for your vacuum. It rotates the brush roll assembly that is used to collect dust, hair, and other small debris. The belt is located and installed in various places, depending on your model. Because it is constantly working when your vacuum is running, the belt is a commonly replaced part. It is sold individually, however, we recommend buy two at once to keep an extra on hand.
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Fix Number FIX10473204
Manufacturer Part Number RO-671705
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Fix Number FIX12067932
Manufacturer Part Number H-562289001
This is a flat non-stretch rubber belt for a vacuum. The vacuum belt attaches to the brush roller and helps to collect dirt and debris. The belt will wear with regular use and will require replacement every six months. It may become evident that the belt needs to be replaced if your vacuum has become extra noisy all of a sudden or it is not collecting debris properly. For this straight-forward repair you will need a screwdriver.
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Strain Relief - Internal Cord
Fix Number FIX10473227
Manufacturer Part Number RO-880304
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Belt Lifter
Fix Number FIX10334665
Manufacturer Part Number RO-880262
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Wheel Retainer Cap
Fix Number FIX10473218
Manufacturer Part Number RO-801711
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2 In 1 Floor Tool
Fix Number FIX10334437
Manufacturer Part Number H-303205001
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Handle Fork & Latch Assembly - Revised
Fix Number FIX10473131
Manufacturer Part Number RO-028590
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Short Cord & Lug Assembly
Fix Number FIX10472852
Manufacturer Part Number 3870323600
  In Stock
Axle Stud
Fix Number FIX12052078
Manufacturer Part Number RO-611101

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