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Thermal Relief Valve
Fix Number FIX9995931
Manufacturer Part Number 678169004
This thermal release valve is for pressure washers. Thermal release valve attaches to the pump and releases the water and high pressure inside the pump if the water temperature exceeds normal operating temperatures. Wear work gloves to protect your hands when installing this part.
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Detergent Suction Kit
Fix Number FIX9938134
Manufacturer Part Number 308452002
This is an OEM detergent suction kit, also referred to as a chemical injection kit, for a pressure washer. This kit is threaded into the pump assembly and is connected to the chemical siphon tube that is located in a container that holds the cleaner. This kit includes, (1) bronze nozzle, (1) large O-ring, (1) small O-ring, (1) steel ball, (1) spring (5 components total). For this repair, use a pair of pliers to grasp the detergent supply tube and remove the tube from the chemical injector. Remove the old injector with a wrench. To prepare the kit, start by placing the O-rings on the bronzed nozzle, then the steel ball, then the spring. Apply lubricant on the large O-ring and then thread it back into the port.
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Fix Number FIX9938133
Manufacturer Part Number 308451053
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Outlet Tube
Fix Number FIX9938530
Manufacturer Part Number 308862003
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Spray Wand
Fix Number FIX12090574
Manufacturer Part Number 308494075
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Bolt (M6 X 16 Mm)
Fix Number FIX9989805
Manufacturer Part Number 661505020
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Extension Wand
Fix Number FIX12145038
Manufacturer Part Number 308506014
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Filter Screen
Fix Number FIX9938349
Manufacturer Part Number 308662001
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Pressure Washer Water Hose
Fix Number FIX9938500
Manufacturer Part Number 308835006
(25 ft., 3000 psi) This water hose is for pressure washers. Water hose carries water from the pump to the spray wand. Wear work gloves to protect your hands when installing this part.
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Pump Unloader Valve
Fix Number FIX11857417
Manufacturer Part Number 310924003

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