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Head Valve
Fix Number FIX12093181
Manufacturer Part Number 180450-S
This is a genuine head valve for nailers and staplers. The head valve is responsible for controlling the flow of air to the cylinder. When the trigger is pulled, it creates an imbalance of pressure, which opens the head valve and fires the piston. The head valve is prone to wear over time, so it is important to inspect it often. The seals on the head valve or the body itself can begin to harden and eventually crack, and this results in air leaking from the gun exhaust. For this repair you will need an Allen wrench adjustable wrench and a screwdriver. This plastic head valve is sold individually.
Installation Instructions
Stephen from GRANITE CITY, IL
Head valve on brad nailer was damaged.
Removed top of nailer assembly. Removed head valve and o ring. Used existing o ring and placed on replacement head valve and reassembled the nailer Read more...
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O-Ring 2.5
Fix Number FIX10238031
Manufacturer Part Number SC06449.00
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Fix Number FIX11944246
Manufacturer Part Number 180446
Installation Instructions
allen from SAVANNAH, GA
would not allow air in to nailer
After installing the parts from I applied some 3 in 1 oil into the area where the piston is and also where your air nozzle connects. the more oil the better, hook up the air hose and good to go. You tube has many videos for helping as well. Read more...
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O-Ring 7.5
Fix Number FIX10238307
Manufacturer Part Number SC20311.00
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O-Ring 8.8
Fix Number FIX10237970
Manufacturer Part Number SC06136.00
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Safety Pad
Fix Number FIX10236556
Manufacturer Part Number P1640003932
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Fix Number FIX10225518
Manufacturer Part Number 850607
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O-Ring 9.8
Fix Number FIX10237885
Manufacturer Part Number SC04327.00
  Special Order
Bumper A
Fix Number FIX10238018
Manufacturer Part Number SC06429.00
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End Cover
Fix Number FIX10238330
Manufacturer Part Number SC20515.00

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