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Fix Number FIX10169670
Manufacturer Part Number 330015-03
This hex nut with internal threads, screws to the shank of a bolt or a hex cap screw in a variety of lawn and gardening tools. It can have multiple applications depending on the tool you are using. To replace, you will need a wrench to loosen and tighten the nut. For detailed installation instructions, refer to the diagram provided by the manufacturer. Remember to unplug tool from power source before beginning this repair project.
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Switch W/ Key
Fix Number FIX10325609
Manufacturer Part Number 489105-00
This Switch is an OEM approved replacement part for various tools and models manufactured by Delta, Black and Decker, and Porter Cable. For full compatibility, please see the "Model Cross Reference List" below. This Switch has four terminals, a removable safety key, and a compact design for easy installation. The purpose of the switch is to turn the device on/off, as well as playing a role in electric breaking by momentarily reversing electrical polarity. Due to the mechanical internals of switches, they tend to degrade and wear out over time, making them a commonly replaced part in power tools. Common symptoms of a broken switch include: the device has completely stopped functioning, it will not turn on, and turning off intermittently during use. Each Switch is sold individually, and may also be referred to as a Rocker Switch.
Installation Instructions
keith from EMPORIA, KS
Power switch would not turn saw off
unplugged power cord.
removed the nut holding the power switch assembly on the saw.
removed 3 screws from the back cover.
removed the 2 white wires and 2 black wires from the switch terminal post. pay attention to wire color on each post.
removed old switch from the bracket by squeezing the sides of the old switch to remove the switch from the bracket.
inserted the new switch in place in the opening.
re attached the wires to the spade terminal on the switch using the 4 terminals. black on the 2 posts top and bottom on one side and the other side white on the top and bottom.
re attach the switch assembly to the table saw
test operation
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Fix Number FIX10187993
Manufacturer Part Number N074647
This part includes one OEM foot for a miter saw. There are four of these feet on each stand, however they are sold individually. The screw needed to secure the foot to the stand is also sold separately. The feet are what keep the miter saw stand from moving around on the surface it is on. If they have worn or have gone missing this may make the stand wobble or slide.
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Caster Assembly
Fix Number FIX10325172
Manufacturer Part Number 436024000005
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Fix Number FIX12091410
Manufacturer Part Number 800629
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Fix Number FIX12021560
Manufacturer Part Number 1348266
This is an OEM replacement carbon brush, sold individually. To ensure your motor is running smoothly and efficiently, it is advised to inspect the carbon brushes every few months, as they are prone to regular wear. The carbon brush has an important job of conducting electrical current, so if worn, your tool will not function as it should. If your tool is smoking or burn marks are present, it is advisable to also check the condition of the armature, as this could indicate more serious motor problems.
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Nut,Elastic STP
Fix Number FIX10169739
Manufacturer Part Number 330021-00
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Clamp Knob Assembly
Fix Number FIX10168807
Manufacturer Part Number 286303-00
This is a single OEM clamp knob assembly for a saw. The clamp knob is what secures the blade in the saw blade clamp. This assembly has a wingnut cast onto a threaded metal stud. With use, the clamping surface will deteriorate, which causes the blade to slip. The threads on the metal stud can also start to strip. For this quick and easy repair, you will need to disconnect the blade, and then unscrew and remove the clamp knob from the blade chuck. To install your new part, fasten the clamp knob into the blade chuck and reassemble the blade.
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Hex Nut
Fix Number FIX10327784
Manufacturer Part Number 902010101300S
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Foot Rail Mount
Fix Number FIX10187854
Manufacturer Part Number N057926


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