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Rotor Blade
Fix Number FIX10302489
Manufacturer Part Number 1008914
This part is sourced directly from Dotco and is designed to work with various Dotco and Cleco Drills, Grinders, and Power Motors. For full compatibility, please see the "Model Cross Reference List" below. The Rotor Blade is responsible for producing airflow inside the cylinder. If your tool has less power than before, it may be a sign that you have damaged Rotor Blades. If your Rotor Blades are cracked, chipped, or damaged, your tool will not operate properly, and they need to be replaced. Each blade is approximately 1" long, and are sold individually.
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Needle Bearing
Fix Number FIX10335611
Manufacturer Part Number 1464
Special Order
Fix Number FIX10302660
Manufacturer Part Number 1041
Special Order
Fix Number FIX10335620
Manufacturer Part Number 1526
In Stock
Rotor Blade
Fix Number FIX10302477
Manufacturer Part Number 1008256
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Idler Gear
Fix Number FIX10335624
Manufacturer Part Number 1536
In Stock
Ball Bearing
Fix Number FIX10302535
Manufacturer Part Number 1009879
In Stock
Ball Bearing
Fix Number FIX10303695
Manufacturer Part Number 500PT
This ball bearing is used on various power tools to reduce friction between rotating parts. The rollers or balls, distribute the weight while minimal contact area of this part help reduce friction that can disrupt the function of your tool. If your ball bearing is damaged or worn off, then it is best to replace it. Refer to the manual for installation instructions provided by the manufacturer.
Special Order
Fix Number FIX10335243
Manufacturer Part Number 1002
Special Order
Fix Number FIX10303496
Manufacturer Part Number 2255

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