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Spring & Container
Fix Number FIX9987666
Manufacturer Part Number 638033001
This spring or container fits gardening tools such as a trimmer. The spring works to recoil a starter rope. If your spring has been worn out, it can lose tension and even break. If the spring breaks, the starter rope will not retract. To prevent this, it is best to replace the spring. The tools needed for this repair are: T25 Torx bit, spark plug wrench, clutch tool, and rope. For installation instructions refer to the diagram provided by the manufacturer.
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Carburetor Assembly
Fix Number FIX9937863
Manufacturer Part Number 308054013
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Fix Number FIX10037881
Manufacturer Part Number 98792
This bumper fits various gardening tools and is sold individually. The bumper secures the fuel tank and minimizes movement of tank. For installation instructions, refer to the manual provided by the manufacturer.
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Carburetor Gasket
Fix Number FIX10022229
Manufacturer Part Number 900994004
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Fix Number FIX10022212
Manufacturer Part Number 900954001
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Fix Number FIX9982161
Manufacturer Part Number 580693001
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Blower Tube Assembly
Fix Number FIX11857410
Manufacturer Part Number 310845007
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Cylinder Gasket
Fix Number FIX10022211
Manufacturer Part Number 900953001
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Tube Nozzle
Fix Number FIX9982132
Manufacturer Part Number 580613001
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Air Filter Knob
Fix Number FIX9984078
Manufacturer Part Number 5946101

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