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Gear, Bevel
Fix Number FIX9237267
Manufacturer Part Number V651000011
This is a bevel gear, also referred to as a drive gear or tension gear, and is used in chainsaws. This authentically sourced part is sold individually. It is part of the chain tensioning assembly, aiding in loosening and tightening the chain on the chain bar. Once the chainsaw has be disassembled, the drive gear can be found on the underside of the clutch cover. You will need to remove the tension bracket screw, lift the adjustment assembly out, remove the bracket, and pull off the old bevel gear. Install the new bevel gear by sliding it onto the square end of the adjustment bolt, and reassemble.
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Gear, Bevel
Fix Number FIX9246388
Manufacturer Part Number V651000001
This is a single bevel gear for a chainsaw. Your chainsaw has two bevel gears that allow you to adjust the chain tension. One has a post with a slot in it (for a screwdriver), which mates to a second bevel gear that is attached to the adjustment screw. This part includes the bevel gear that has the post and screwdriver slot, the other bevel gear mentioned is sold separately, so it is wise to inspect both at the same time and order accordingly. The bevel gear is prone to wear, especially if the chain is over-tensioned, however this is a basic repair that should not take very long to complete.
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Clutch Kit
Fix Number FIX9181563
Manufacturer Part Number 99944400395
In Stock
Fix Number FIX8898255
Manufacturer Part Number 17501939430
In Stock
Fix Number FIX10041714
Manufacturer Part Number A556000543
In Stock
Fix Number FIX8900017
Manufacturer Part Number 17500514330
In Stock
Fix Number FIX8969892
Manufacturer Part Number 43312339130
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Chain Brake Assembly
Fix Number FIX9230383
Manufacturer Part Number P021010652
Special Order
Fix Number FIX9428901
Manufacturer Part Number A056000010

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