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Fix Number FIX10280414
Manufacturer Part Number S97011813
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Heating Element
Fix Number FIX12098594
Manufacturer Part Number S97020888
This is an OEM heating element for use with ventilation fans and ceiling heaters. Some units allow you to turn the heating function on or off. They are most commonly found in bathrooms to help heat the room. For this repair, you will start by removing the fan cover, disconnect the wire, and remove the nuts. You will then be able to pull the heating element fan housing out, remove the screws, and remove the heating element. The installation of the new part is conducted in the reverse order.
Installation Instructions
Loretta from BRIGHTON, CO
Heater element went out
Took off light cover took out heater blower and heat element. Replaced heat element and put all back together Read more...
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Element Support
Fix Number FIX10279926
Manufacturer Part Number S27546000
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Grille With Springs
Fix Number FIX10280317
Manufacturer Part Number S97010320
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Thermal Protector
Fix Number FIX10432437
Manufacturer Part Number S99271494
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Thermostat For Lamps
Fix Number FIX10280017
Manufacturer Part Number S79270237
This is an authentic OEM replacement part. This thermostat is commonly used in heat lamps. The thermostat measures temperature and controls when the bulbs are turning on and off. When the temperature goes below a certain level the heater will kick-in and when it reaches a certain level it will shut off. This thermostat helps regulate the temperate, and it helps ensure the heater is not producing unsafe levels of heat. The thermostat is sold individually.
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Fix Number FIX12009480
Manufacturer Part Number S82403000
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Fix Number FIX10280064
Manufacturer Part Number S89339000
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Lamp Socket
Fix Number FIX10281786
Manufacturer Part Number S99770118
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Grille Spring 2-Required
Fix Number FIX10279839
Manufacturer Part Number S06170-00

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