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Carbon Brush (Sold Individually)
Fix Number FIX9937696
Manufacturer Part Number 30711129009
This is a carbon brush, sold individually. It is advisable to replace both carbon brushes at the same time, meaning you will need to order two, even if only one is worn. If the motor of your tool is running less than perfect, it is likely a case of worn brushes that require replacement. When doing this repair, this is an opportune time to also do a quick check of the condition of the armature.
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Allen Key
Fix Number FIX10165009
Manufacturer Part Number 62907037003
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Carbon Brush
Fix Number FIX10162902
Manufacturer Part Number 30711146001
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Carbon Brush (Sold Individually)
Fix Number FIX10162886
Manufacturer Part Number 30711062001
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Cable Assembly
Fix Number FIX10162882
Manufacturer Part Number 30707345019
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Protecting Sleeve
Fix Number FIX9940817
Manufacturer Part Number 31413229000
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Carbon Brush
Fix Number FIX10162900
Manufacturer Part Number 30711136002
This is a carbon brush for your power tools. It powers the tool by conducting a current in the electric motor. It is made of carbon and has an attached lead wire. Depending on usage the carbon brush will wear down. Due to the constant contact with an armature, the part will eventually need to be replaced to keep your tool running efficiently.
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Brush Holder
Fix Number FIX9937697
Manufacturer Part Number 30712087015
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Fix Number FIX10162842
Manufacturer Part Number 30701060000
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Groove Ball Bearing
Fix Number FIX10164473
Manufacturer Part Number 41701001172
This is a groove ball bearing for your power tools. This part is sold individually. The groove ball bearing reduces friction between the rotating armature, and the motor housing in your power tools. It takes most of the pressure, so depending on how often you use your tool, it is a frequently replaced part.

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