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Collet Nut
Fix Number FIX10260006
Manufacturer Part Number 2610014582
This part includes one manufacturer-approved collet nut for a multi-tool. The collet nut is what holds the bit in place. If your multi-tool will not hold a bit, this is one of the first components to inspect. It has a hexagonal shape so it can be fastened and unfastened with a wrench. To remove, press the shaft lock button and loosen the collet nut using the collet wrench.
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Collet 1/8&#34
Fix Number FIX10260325
Manufacturer Part Number 2615110480
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Power Supply Cord
Fix Number FIX10260340
Manufacturer Part Number 2615294041
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1/8" Collet (In Tool)
Fix Number FIX10260305
Manufacturer Part Number 2615000480
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Chuck Wrench
Fix Number FIX10260243
Manufacturer Part Number 2610930692
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Brush & Spring (Pair)
Fix Number FIX10259957
Manufacturer Part Number 2610009829
This part includes a set of two carbon brushes and two springs, sourced directly from the manufacturer. The spring bolts transmit power and hold the brush securely against the commutator. The brushes are consistently rubbing against the armature, and this will cause them to wear down over time. If the tool is overworked this can also burn the springs. For this repair, you will need to remove the old brushes, which are located behind the brush caps. There is one on each side of the tool. Installing the new brushes is simple. Line it up with the brush holder, insert it in and secure it with the cap, and the same steps are repeated on the other side.
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Fix Number FIX10260349
Manufacturer Part Number 2615294309
This is an OEM coupling for multi-tools. It connects the armature and drive shaft. It also acts as a safeguard to the motor, by preventing it from burning if the drive shaft malfunctions. If your tool is left unused for a long stretch of time, this part can start to become brittle and deteriorate. This is a very popular repair part, so we suggest having a few of these in the tool box.
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Parts Set
Fix Number FIX10260557
Manufacturer Part Number 2615297356
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Brush & Spring
Fix Number FIX10259942
Manufacturer Part Number 2610005646
These OEM replacement carbon brushes are sold as a pair and include a coiled spring attached. These brush and spring assemblies are what deliver power to a rotary tool armature. The spring transfers power and helps to secure the brush tightly in place. These brushes are in constant contact with the armature, which causes them to wear over time, and is the reason you should also inspect the armature regularly as well. If the tool is overloaded this can also cause the springs to burn. When performing this repair, be careful not to over-tighten the brush caps because they can crack.
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Field 120V
Fix Number FIX10260103
Manufacturer Part Number 2610907324

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