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Seal and Gasket Kit
Fix Number FIX10290327
Manufacturer Part Number 6-1925
This is a genuine Chapin replacement part. Over time the seals and gaskets in your sprayer might become brittle, crack, or get clogged up with dirt, at which point the sprayer stops functioning properly. When you get this seal and gasket kit you will have all the parts you need to tune-up you sprayer. It includes a cup disc, plunger cup, 4 o-rings, diaphragm, check valve, fiber gasket, pump gasket, and 5 pump o-rings. This kit can be used to fix both the metal and the polyethylene sprayer models. After you install the new seals and gaskets ensure all connections are securely fastened, this will help avoid leaks and loss of pressure.
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Shut Off Assembly
Fix Number FIX10290329
Manufacturer Part Number 6-2000
This is a genuine Chapin replacement part. The shut off assembly is found at the end of the spray hose, if you are using a sprayer extension it is the link between the extension and the spray hose. The shut off assembly controls the flow of liquid from the tank, through the hose, and out of the nozzle. The shut off assembly easily disconnects for cleaning and repair, meaning you can clean out clogs, remove dirt and debris from the sprayer hose, and extend the life of your sprayer. This Chapin shut off assembly replacement is made of plastic. Before use ensure all connections are tight, so the tank will maintain pressure.
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Adjustable Cone Nozzle
Fix Number FIX10290357
Manufacturer Part Number 6-6003
This is a genuine OEM replacement part sourced directly from Chapin. This is a two-piece nozzle, which features a range of spray patterns. This durable nozzle is twist adjustable, and patterns include everything from a light mist cone to a forceful stream. The nozzle is entirely made of plastic, and it is sold individually. To install the nozzle twist it onto the end of the extension wand, ensure it is securely attached before using the sprayer.
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Brass Fan Tip Nozzle .5GPM Female
Fix Number FIX10290354
Manufacturer Part Number 6-5797
This is a genuine Chapin replacement part. This is a brass fan tip nozzle, which sprays .5 gallons per minute. This durable nozzle is a female attachment that comes with an adaptor. The nozzle and adaptor are made of brass, and the o-ring is made of plastic. To install the nozzle, and the adaptor if needed, twist each part onto the end of the extension wand, ensure it is attached securely before using the sprayer.
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18 Poly Extension with Viton
Fix Number FIX10290372
Manufacturer Part Number 6-7749
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Brass Adjustable Cone Nozzle
Fix Number FIX10290355
Manufacturer Part Number 6-6000
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Pump Piston Collar
Fix Number FIX10290389
Manufacturer Part Number 6-8134
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Filter Basket with Cap
Fix Number FIX10290397
Manufacturer Part Number 6-8146
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Fix Number FIX10290390
Manufacturer Part Number 6-8137
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Brass Adjust Nozzle
Fix Number FIX10290384
Manufacturer Part Number 6-8122
This is a genuine Chapin replacement part. This two piece brass adjustable cone nozzle fits most Chapin XP ProSeries sprayers. This durable two-piece cone nozzle is twist adjustable. The nozzle has two parts, one is a brass nozzle, and the other is polyethylene and has a Viton o-ring. To install this part first attached the polyethylene nozzle to the sprayer, and then thread the brass nozzle on top of that. Ensure all attachments are securely fashioned to help avoid leaks and loss of pressure.

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