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Cleaning Brush
Fix Number FIX12008475
Manufacturer Part Number SP0005830
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Large Processing Bowl With Handle
Fix Number FIX12008301
Manufacturer Part Number SP0002057
This authentic OEM Breville replacement bowl is compatible with various Breville food processors including the Kitchen Wizz Pro, Oracle, and Sous Chef models. To ensure your machine is compatible, please see the "Model Cross Reference List" below. This product is approximately 8" tall, has a capacity of 16 cups, and is made of clear durable plastic. If your original bowl is broken, worn down, or cracked, it is time to replace it. Bowls are sold individually.
Installation Instructions
The original bowl was damaged. The base where the blades mount inside the bowl had a fractured bushing.
There are no steps. Removed the other parts from the 16 cup bowl. Discarded old bowl, reinstalled blade and cover on new bowl. Tested. Total time 1 minute.

If you have a damaged Breville 16-cup bowl, it is worth ordering from You cannot get Breville or retail suppliers to stock these. Frankly, I was surprised that succeeded, but they did!
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Large Processor Bowl Lid
Fix Number FIX12008616
Manufacturer Part Number SP0010359
This OEM replacement part has been sourced directly from the manufacturer and is designed for use with Breville Oracle, Sous Chef, and Hot Wok Pro Food Processors. To ensure this part is compatible with your device, please see the "Model Cross Reference List" below. The Large Processor Bowl Lid is made of durable plastic and connects to the blade. If your lid is cracked, discolored, or otherwise damaged it needs to be replaced. It has a diameter of approximately 8", and is sold individually.
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Nutridisk Filter Basket Assembly
Fix Number FIX12008740
Manufacturer Part Number SP0010662
Genuine Breville replacement part, this item is sold individually. This is the part of the that grinds the food product you insert into the Juicers listed below and produces the juice. When you are finished using this part you will want to remove it and clean the filter. Some users of these juicers will keep two of these on hand. To be able to change food product and not have to clean the first one immediately.
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Broil Rack (10-inch)
Fix Number FIX12008403
Manufacturer Part Number SP0002644
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Cappuccino Whisk Magnet
Fix Number FIX12008384
Manufacturer Part Number SP0002498
This is a manufacturer-approved frothing disc, sold individually. This frothing disc creates a thick and creamy froth, suitable for cappuccinos. Slide the frothing disc onto the shaft at the base of the milk jug, ensuring the wide end is face down. Push it firmly until you hear a click. If the disc is not properly in place or it has become dislodged this can cause the milk to not swirl, a burnt milky smell, or a grinding noise. Make sure you always add ingredients slowly and in small amounts, as adding ingredients quickly can cause the disc to disengage or prevent it from spinning. The manufacturer recommends washing it by hand with warm soapy water to help it last longer. Be sure to wash and allow it to dry after each use.
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Dual Wall Filter, 2 Cup
Fix Number FIX12008161
Manufacturer Part Number SP0001521
This is a genuine two cup dual wall 54mm filter for an espresso machine This dual wall filter basket is made of stainless steel and sold as an independent product. Please note that the one cup version is sold separately. The dual wall filter basket controls the pressure and helps to enhance the extraction, no matter what the grind, dose, tamp pressure or freshness. This type of filter should only be used with pre-ground coffee.
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Baking Pan
Fix Number FIX12008402
Manufacturer Part Number SP0002643
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Juice Jug Complete
Fix Number FIX12007961
Manufacturer Part Number SP0000277
Genuine Manufacturer Sourced Juice Jug with Froth Separator for Breville Die-Cast Juice Fountain. The Froth Separator pushes the juice out of the spout so you don't get all the bubbles, but just pure juice. This part is made out of Plastic and it is Sold Individually.
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Felt Washer
Fix Number FIX12008190
Manufacturer Part Number SP0001575
This part is an OEM approved replacement part for Breville Espresso Machines, to ensure this is compatible with your machine, please see the "Model Cross Reference List" below. The Felt Washer is designed to distribute the pressure across the surface of connected parts evenly. If you notice unusual noises or vibrations from your machine, it may be time to replace the Felt Washer. This part measures approximately 1"L x 0.5" W, and is sold individually.
Installation Instructions
Monty from BEAVERTON, OR
Original felt washer tore when cleaning the grinder
Simply followed the instructions in the Breville BES870XL instruction book for Advanced cleaning and reassembling the grinder (pg 26). I did need to use needle nosed pliers to remove the grind fan (fig 7) on bottom of the page Reassembly was easy. Read more...

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