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Suspension Spring
Fix Number FIX11743345
Manufacturer Part Number WP63907
This suspension spring is a genuine OEM replacement part for a variety of washers and washer-dryer combos. The primary purpose of the suspension spring is to support the outer tub and keep the tub steady during loads that could cause an unbalance. If this part breaks, is worn down, or has stretched out and lost its spring, it could cause the load to be off-balance which can lead to excessive shaking, moving, noise, and leaks. This part is approximately 2 inches in length when compressed, made of durable metal, and is sold individually. For this repair, you will need a 1/4 nut driver, putty knife, flat blade screwdriver, and a pair of needle-nose pliers. Before you begin, disconnect the power, fill hoses, and drain hose to give you easy and safe access (drain hose may release some water, have a small container or towel near by). Your appliance contains 3 suspension springs, so keep this in mind if you need to order multiple of this part. We suggest you purchase several at a time, as they can be very useful to have on-hand.
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Tub Spring
Fix Number FIX11751118
Manufacturer Part Number WPW10250667
This tub spring is a genuine OEM replacement part for your washing machine and is sold individually. There are other names that the tub spring goes by, such as the suspension spring, balance spring, or counterweight spring. The purpose of this spring is to ensure that the tub sits straight during the spin cycle, and it does this by counterbalancing the weight of the motor. If the spring has broken, it will cause the tub to be off-balance, which can make the washer shake and become noisy when spinning. An off-balance tub can also cause damage to other components of your washer, so it should be fixed quickly. If your model of washing machine has more than one tub spring, they should all be replaced at the same time as they tend to wear evenly. The tools you will need to complete this repair are a pair of pliers, a Philips screwdriver, and a flat blade screwdriver. Please be sure to disconnect the power supply to your washer before beginning this repair.
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Suspension Spring
Fix Number FIX11738823
Manufacturer Part Number WP21001598
This suspension spring is used with many washing machines. It is made entirely of metal and is seven inches long.
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Snubber Ring
Fix Number FIX11738845
Manufacturer Part Number WP21002026
This snubber ring fits washers and is located between the leg and dome assembly. The ring has a diameter of 9 inches. It is used to reduce noise and vibration for stability when the washer is operating. If your washer shakes a lot and makes loud noises, then it is best to replace this part to solve your problem. The tools required for this repair are: short flathead screwdriver, flathead screwdriver, Philips screwdriver, 1/4 inch nut driver, 5/16 inch nut driver, 3/8 nut driver, ratchet with extension, putty knife, locking pliers, slip joint pliers, and 3/8 inch socket.
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Tub Wear Pads - Package of 3
Fix Number FIX334620
Manufacturer Part Number 285744
This package of pads contains three tub wear pads.
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Leveling Spring
Fix Number FIX394983
Manufacturer Part Number 8316845
This spring is used on the leveling components in a washer. Please note, this spring may differ in appearance, but functions the same as original.
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Suspension Pads - Package of 3
Fix Number FIX334456
Manufacturer Part Number 285219
This is a pack of three suspension pads for your washer. The suspension pads in your washer are found underneath the tub and prevent the rotating metal parts from grinding on one another. If your suspension pads are worn out, you will likely hear metal-on-metal grinding, which is an indication they need to be replaced. It is recommended to replace all three suspension pads at the same time.
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Counter Balance Spring Kit
Fix Number FIX733376
Manufacturer Part Number 285901
This kit includes 3 springs.
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Suspension Springs - Kit of 6
Fix Number FIX2004049
Manufacturer Part Number 12002773
This package contains a new set of six springs. The suspension springs in your washer connect to the bottom of tub, and help to hold it in place. If your washer tub shakes, or moves around a lot during operation, it could mean that one or more of your springs are damaged or stretched. You will need to access the bottom of the tub for this repair by removing the front (and possibly the rear) panel. You will also need a pair of locking pliers to remove the old springs and reconnect the new ones. It is recommended to apply a small amount of grease to the bottom of the new springs before you reconnect them to the washer tub.
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Motor Pivot Spring
Fix Number FIX11739525
Manufacturer Part Number WP22004376
This part is the replacement motor pivot spring for your washer. It is made of metal and is approximately 3 inches long and 2 inches wide. The motor pivot spring helps hold the drive motor in the correct position on the motor plate. If your drive motor shakes during use, if the pumps will not operate, or if your washer is excessively loud during operation, you may need to replace the motor pivot spring. Be sure to disconnect the washer from the power source before you begin this repair. This part is sold individually and is an OEM part sourced directly from the manufacturer.
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