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Washer Lid Switch
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Fix Number FIX11745957
Manufacturer Part Number WP8318084
On the lid on your washing machine there is a pin that engages with the lid switch. This works by telling the machine that the lid is closed which then allows for the washer to start. If your washer is not starting, or does not advance through the different cycles, there may be a problem with your lid switch. This part can wear out or become damaged over time and will need to be replaced so your machine can operate. Replacing this genuine OEM part is an easy job that requires the use of a Philips screwdriver along with a 5/16-inch nut driver. You will need to disconnect the power to your washer before beginning this repair and pull the machine away from the wall so you can easily access the back panel. Since the lid switch is found underneath the control panel, you will need to unscrew and lift the panel back to gain access. In order to remove the old switch, you first disconnect the wire harness, and remove the screw holding the grounding wire in place. The lid of the washer needs to be lifted, as the pin will be engaged with the switch if the lid is in the closed position. With the lid still open, the new switch can be put in place, install the screw for the grounding wire, and reattached the wire harness. The control panel can then be lowered back down, ensuring the locking tabs are engaged.
Fixes these symptoms
  • Burning smell
  • Will not agitate
  • Will not drain
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Water Level Pressure Switch
Fix Number FIX3408149
Manufacturer Part Number W10339251
This part is located behind the control panel. It helps determine the level of water in the washer. As the water fills the hose, while tub is filling, it will push the air against a diaphragm inside the switch. More water that enters the tub, more pressure is applied against the switch.
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Water Level Switch
Fix Number FIX3408163
Manufacturer Part Number W10339334
This water level switch senses the level of water in the inner tub.
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Lid Switch Kit
Fix Number FIX2002890
Manufacturer Part Number 12001187
This kit includes the bracket, actuator, switch, screws and wire harness.
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Water Level Switch
Fix Number FIX11738820
Manufacturer Part Number WP21001554
This part is able to sense the water level in the tub. When the water reaches the desired level, this switch stops the water from flowing in the tub and then the washing program begins.
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Water Temperature/Rotary Switch
Fix Number FIX11749402
Manufacturer Part Number WPW10168256
This part regulates the temperature of the water in the tub.
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Switch, Main Drive Motor
Fix Number FIX11746107
Manufacturer Part Number WP8529896
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Cycle Selector Switch
Fix Number FIX11749403
Manufacturer Part Number WPW10168257
Also known as Rotary Switch.
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Switch, Main Drive Motor
Fix Number FIX11742053
Manufacturer Part Number WP3952056
Special Order
Fix Number FIX2086232
Manufacturer Part Number 74008765

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