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Popular Jenn-Air Wall Oven Parts

Light Bulb - 40W – Part Number: 8009
Light Bulb - 40W
Fix Number FIX884734
Manufacturer Part Number 8009
This replacement light bulb is sold individually.
Fixes these symptoms
No Symptoms for this part
Installation Instructions
Helen from Quincy, MA says,

lightbulb in refrigerator went out
Removed plastic shield on top of refrigerator. Removed old bulb.. Replaced new bulb. Reinstalled plastic shield. Voila!...read more

Long Oven Sensor – Part Number: 12001656
Long Oven Sensor
Fix Number FIX1570174
Manufacturer Part Number 12001656
This oven sensor kit comes with two harness adapters. This sensor detects the temperature within the oven cavity.
Fixes these symptoms
Door won’t open after self cleaning cycle
Element will not heat
Little to no heat when baking

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Installation Instructions
Robert from San Diego, CA says,

Replace the Oven Temperature Sensor
Located inside, Top Left of Oven. It facilitated the contortions of getting to it by removing the oven door 1st. Only 2 screws and the hinge plates (1 each side). Made access much easier. Otherwis...read more

Door Hinge – Part Number: WP74008014
Door Hinge
Fix Number FIX11744215
Manufacturer Part Number WP74008014
This hinge is located on each side of the oven door. The hinges control the rate that the oven door opens and closes, and allows the door to stay open at an angle. This hinge can be used on either the left or right hand side of your oven, and is approximately 20 1/2 inches long. If your oven door will not open or close easily, you may need to replace this part. It may be a good idea to replace both hinges at the same time. If a spring has become loose on one hinge, the other hinge is likely to have the same issue. The repair is simple and only requires a Phillips screwdriver and a small bent nail. For a full step-by-step guide, check out the video below.
Fixes these symptoms
Door won’t close

Installation Instructions
Timothy from MARIETTA, GA says,

Broken Door Hinge
As instructed in your video...read more

Touch-Up Paint - White – Part Number: 72017
Touch-Up Paint - White
Fix Number FIX385132
Manufacturer Part Number 72017
Fixes these symptoms
No Symptoms for this part
Installation Instructions
Al from Cape Coral, FL says,

No heat when trying to dry clothes .
Followed instructions on your videos. Everything went as planned and the dryer works like new.......read more

2 Piece Broiler Pan – Part Number: 4396923
2 Piece Broiler Pan
Fix Number FIX971245
Manufacturer Part Number 4396923
The top of this part is now black.
Fixes these symptoms
No Symptoms for this part
Terminal Block – Part Number: WPW10245259
Terminal Block
Fix Number FIX11750972
Manufacturer Part Number WPW10245259
It provides a way of connecting individual electrical wires and offers protection of the device from electrical surges (voltages and/or currents).
Fixes these symptoms
Element will not heat
Little to no heat when baking
Touchpad does not respond

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Light Bulb – Part Number: WPW10169757
Light Bulb
Fix Number FIX11749457
Manufacturer Part Number WPW10169757
This is a replacement light bulb to illuminate the inside of your oven. It is 25 watts and 120 volts. Please wear gloves during replacement if your existing bulb is shattered. Consider ordering a spare as this is a common wear part.
Fixes these symptoms
No Symptoms for this part
Light Cover Lens – Part Number: WP9781049
Light Cover Lens
Fix Number FIX11747414
Manufacturer Part Number WP9781049
This part goes over top of the light bulb.
Fixes these symptoms
No Symptoms for this part
Oven Rack – Part Number: WPW10282527
Oven Rack
Fix Number FIX11751911
Manufacturer Part Number WPW10282527
The oven rack provides a stable surface for cookware inside the oven. Sold individually.
Fixes these symptoms
No Symptoms for this part
Installation Instructions
Scott from Mokena, IL says,

Pre-existing oven in new house lacked racks
This site was the only site that had a replacement oven racks which were certain to fit. The Maytag oven that came with our home is no longer manufactured, and I didn't want to play any "order somethi...read more

Bi-Pin Halogen Bulb – Part Number: WP74009925
Bi-Pin Halogen Bulb
Fix Number FIX11744355
Manufacturer Part Number WP74009925
This part is a replacement halogen lamp for your oven. The bulb is 25 watts and 120 volts. If your light bulb is burned out, this is the part that replaces it. Be sure to turn off power to your range hood before you begin this repair. This bulb is sold individually and is a genuine OEM part sourced directly from the manufacturer.
Fixes these symptoms
No Symptoms for this part
Installation Instructions
Jo Ann from Hillsborough, NC says,

Replace bulb in upper oven
This Jenn-Air stove is dual fuel (gas burners and electric ovens). The quartz bulb in the upper oven burned out. The bulb socket is inside a small compartment (1"x2") which is recessed into the top...read more

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