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Frame Roller Assembly
Fix Number FIX12716561
Manufacturer Part Number WC17X20084
Fixes these symptoms
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Compactor Bags - 15 pack
Fix Number FIX1019150
Manufacturer Part Number WC60X10005
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Fix Number FIX12722842
Manufacturer Part Number WC01X20127
This power nut is for trash compactor and attaches to the side of the ram and is threaded. As the power screw rotates, it feeds through the power nut pulling the ram down to compact the trash.
Fixes these symptoms
Installation Instructions
Michael from Lakeville, MN
One of the 2 Nut Power nylon screws failed
The "smasher" got jammed sideways when this part failed on one side. Could not open the front door. Had to pull the whole unit out, take to garage and repair. Start by taking bottom panel off. This gives you access to the chain drive. Put on some leather gloves and turn chain CCW until "smasher unit comes loose. Pull out of top of unit (other panels need to be removed and front control panel must be removed also). Now replace both nylon "NUT POWER ASM" parts. If you are handy, you can do this repair easily and save yourself $$$ Read more...
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Fix Number FIX12722862
Manufacturer Part Number WC21X20108
Used with trash compactors.
Fixes these symptoms
  • Doesn’t stop at end of compacting cycle
  • Won’t stay on
  • See more...
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Drive Gear Kit
Fix Number FIX257882
Manufacturer Part Number WC36X5071
Fixes these symptoms
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Drive Gear - White
Fix Number FIX2364787
Manufacturer Part Number WC22X10005
Used with trash compactors.
Fixes these symptoms
Installation Instructions
David from Soquel, CA
After compacting trash, motor continued running but compactor platter did not move
Repair is easy and direct once you understand the issue is the fractured drive gear. To repair, pull the trash compactor out and turn on its side or back. You'll see a galvanized container covering over half the underside held by three sheet metal screws, three on back, two on front. If you have a drill driver removing all the screws is very easy. You'll have to remove screws on back to access the three rear screws at the very bottom, if they are under the back cover. Otherwise, remove the three rear screws and two front screws. Remove the cover, note how the gear is installed, remove the retainer clip, remove the broken gear, if that's the problem, and press the new gear on, then reinstall the clip. I had to grease the shaft and really force the gear on the shaft. Then lubricate the gear and chain, install the cover, the 5 screws, the back and its screws. Read more...
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15 Inch Compactor Bags - 15 Pack
Fix Number FIX1964579
Manufacturer Part Number W10165295RP
These bags will fit most 15" rectangular compactors.
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Compactor Bags - Package of 12
Fix Number FIX258002
Manufacturer Part Number WC60X5017
These bags will fit all fifteen inch rectangular trash compactors.
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Gear Box Kit
Fix Number FIX257534
Manufacturer Part Number WC22X5028
Installation Instructions
Wesley L from Castle Rock, CO
small chain drive sprocket teeth stripped
Under the front switch cover there was a small envelope with instructions on how to remove and replace the gear box. The hardest task was to install the two allen head bolts that attach the assembly to the main body. The nuts are loose after the bolts are removed and are in a difficult spot to reach. Read more...
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Compactor Bags - 10 Pack
Fix Number FIX257999
Manufacturer Part Number WC60X5015

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