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Drawer Support Rail - Right Side
Fix Number FIX430917
Manufacturer Part Number 240530701
The drawer track support provides support for the right side of the sliding drawer to help it move open and closed easily. This part is sold individually, so if you also require the left side rail it will need to be ordered separately. It measures roughly 16 inches long by 1 inch high. If it is damaged it might make it difficult to open and close the fresh food drawer. Check the support rails in case something is blocking it. It is important to replace a damaged rail to prevent it from damaging the drawer itself. The only tool required for this repair is a Philips screwdriver. Remove the entire upper shelf from the inside of the fridge. Place the assembly on a flat work surface. Remove the screws on the back holding the back rail in place. Next, disengage the tabs holding the old right side rail in place. When installing the new one, line up the slotted opening on the rail to the tabs on the drawer and push it in until it snaps into place. Reinstall the back rail with screws. Check the operation of the drawer and place it back into the refrigerator.
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Refrigerator Crisper Pan
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Fix Number FIX429854
Manufacturer Part Number 240337103
This authentic replacement crisper pan, also known as a vegetable drawer, inserts into the refrigerator crisper area. It is used to hold produce and maintain an ideal temperature to help preserve them as long as possible. The pan is clear plastic and measures roughly 11 inches deep, 22 inches long, and is sold individually.
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Drawer Support Rail - Left Side
Fix Number FIX430916
Manufacturer Part Number 240530601
If you notice that opening and closing the meat pan drawer in your refrigerator has become difficult, there may be an issue with the support rails. Regular wear and tear, or excess weight on the shelf can cause damage to the rail. This genuine OEM part is specifically for the left side of the drawer support. If you need to replace the right-side rail, that part can be purchased separately. Replacing this part is simple, and just requires the use of a screwdriver. Remove all items from the shelf and drawer in your fridge, remove the entire shelf assembly and place on a solid work surface, then use the screwdriver to remove the old rail. Line up the new rail, and screw back onto the shelf frame. Test that the drawer slides in and out easily, place everything back into the fridge, and you are done!
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Crisper Glass Shelf Insert
Fix Number FIX429963
Manufacturer Part Number 240350608
This glass shelf sits above the crisper drawers in your refrigerator. This part is just the glass, there are no brackets or additional mounting hardware (these can be purchased separately if needed). Regular wear and tear or excess weight can cause damage to the shelf, and it should be replaced if damaged. No tools are required to do this, simply remove the old part and carefully place the new shelf glass down ensuring it is lined up properly with the shelf lip. This is a genuine OEM part that measures 23.82 inches by 15.50 inches.
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Refrigerator Crisper Drawer Cover
Fix Number FIX2363600
Manufacturer Part Number 240364787
This is a genuine OEM replacement crisper drawer cover for your refrigerator. It measures approximately 27 inches by 20 inches and does not include the glass insert for the self. You can reuse the glass from your current drawer cover or purchase it separately if required. This piece sits above the two side-by-side crisper drawers and is made of white plastic.
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Meat Drawer Rail - Right Side
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Fix Number FIX430126
Manufacturer Part Number 240356501
If the crisper drawer in your fridge is not sliding in and out easily, it is possible that the rails have become damaged and will need to be replaced. This genuine OEM replacement part is for the rail on the right-hand side as you are looking into the fridge. If you also need to replace the left-hand rail, that part can be purchased separately. Regular wear and excess weight can cause the plastic rails to crack or damage over time. A Philips screwdriver is required to replace this part. You will need to remove any items on the shelf and the crisper drawer, then remove the shelf assembly and place it on a suitable work surface. Next, you remove the screw holding the rail onto the shelf and unlock the tabs. The new slide rail can be attached by locking the tabs into place and reattaching the screw. The shelf can now be placed back into the fridge.
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Refrigerator Crisper Pan Cover
Fix Number FIX2361226
Manufacturer Part Number 240364790
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Crisper Drawer
Fix Number FIX430211
Manufacturer Part Number 240364503
Sold individually.
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Meat Drawer Rail - Left Side
Fix Number FIX430245
Manufacturer Part Number 240365401
This authentic OEM drawer support rail is for the meat pan in your refrigerator. This specific rail is for the left-hand side of the shelf. If the rail is damaged, the crisper drawer will not be able to easily slide open and closed. If this has happened, the support rail will need to be replaced. Please note that the mounting screws are not included with this part. The screws from the old rail can be reused, or new ones can be purchased separately.
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Meat Pan
Fix Number FIX1526037
Manufacturer Part Number 240530811
This is the replacement meat pan for your refrigerator. It is made of clear plastic and is approximately 18 inches long and 13 inches wide. The meat pan slides into the bottom of the refrigerator shelf and is used to store meat and other food items. The main reason to replace the meat pan is if yours is cracked, damaged, or missing. To replace the meat pan, simply slide the old pan out, and slide the new one into place. This part is an OEM part sourced directly from the manufacturer, and is sold individually.

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