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Water Filter Cap - Black
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Fix Number FIX11739970
Manufacturer Part Number WP2260518B
If the cap for your water filter has become damaged, this is an authentic OEM replacement part that is black in color. The cap is used to remove the old filter and insert the new one. Be sure to first push the release before attempting to pull the filter out, as the cap can become damaged otherwise. Without a cap, it can be difficult to reach the filter once it is in place.
Fixes these symptoms
  • Ice maker not making ice
  • Leaking
  • Not dispensing water
  • See more...
In Stock
Cap, Water Filter (Black)
Fix Number FIX11739084
Manufacturer Part Number WP2186494B
This black water filter cap is located near the bottom kickplate.
Fixes these symptoms
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Cap, Water Filter (White)
Fix Number FIX11739972
Manufacturer Part Number WP2260518W
This filter cap is white in color.
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Water Filter Cap
Fix Number FIX11739086
Manufacturer Part Number WP2186494W
The water filter cap fits onto the end of the water filter to cover the end and hold the filter in place.
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End Cap Trim - White
Fix Number FIX11738929
Manufacturer Part Number WP2156007
This part is the replacement end cap trim for your refrigerator. It is made of white plastic and is approximately 1 inch wide, 1 inch long, and ½ inch thick. This part can also be known as the shelf support retainer as it holds the shelf support in place. If the end cap trim is damaged, the shelf support may not remain in place and you will not be able to store items in your refrigerator door. To replace the end cap trim, carefully disconnect it from both the refrigerator door and the shelf support. Then, snap the new end cap trim into the shelf support and then to the door. This part is sold individually and is an authentic OEM part.
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Screw Cover - White
Fix Number FIX11739570
Manufacturer Part Number WP2202819W
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Hinge Cover, RC (Black)
Fix Number FIX11739584
Manufacturer Part Number WP2203408B
Sold individually.
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Hole Plug (Ice Maker)
Fix Number FIX11746872
Manufacturer Part Number WP941839
In Stock
Hinge Cover, FC (Black)
Fix Number FIX11739582
Manufacturer Part Number WP2203407B
Sold individually.
In Stock
Hinge Cover, RC (White)
Fix Number FIX11739585
Manufacturer Part Number WP2203408W

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