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Dairy Door - Clear
Fix Number FIX1525960
Manufacturer Part Number 240337712
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Dairy Door
Fix Number FIX429785
Manufacturer Part Number 240326203
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Dairy Door
Fix Number FIX1525964
Manufacturer Part Number 240338313
This dairy door, also known as a dairy bin cover, is a genuine OEM replacement part for your refrigerator. The dairy cover is a plastic part that serves as a covering to a shelf on your fridge door, traditionally where dairy products such as butter are housed. The door can become cracked and need replacing. This door is held in place by plastic tabs. To remove it, push one side in to release the tab, and pull the door out. Simply snap the new dairy door into place.
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Dairy Door - White
Fix Number FIX429860
Manufacturer Part Number 240337701
This part no longer comes with graphics or wording.
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Dairy Door - Clear
Fix Number FIX899524
Manufacturer Part Number 241515601
In Stock
Access Door
Fix Number FIX1526587
Manufacturer Part Number 241734101
This access door attaches to the ice container front.
In Stock
Refrigerator Freezer Door Assembly
Fix Number FIX3504287
Manufacturer Part Number 240410206
Special Order
Fix Number FIX445291
Manufacturer Part Number 3201405
Special Order
Fix Number FIX454618
Manufacturer Part Number 5303204686
Special Order
Dairy Door - Clear/Blue
Fix Number FIX465580
Manufacturer Part Number 5303308341

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