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Light Switch
Fix Number FIX953546
Manufacturer Part Number WB24X10130
This is the replacement light switch for your range. It comes with the actual switch, and the hex nut that goes with it. The switch is approximately 1 ¼ inches by 1 ¼ inches, and the hex nut is approximately ½ an inch in diameter. When you press the switch, it allows you to turn the range light on and off. If the light does not come on when you hit the switch, you may need to replace it. Be sure to disconnect your microwave from the power source before you begin this repair. This part is an authentic OEM part sourced directly from the manufacturer.
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Fan Switch
Fix Number FIX953545
Manufacturer Part Number WB24X10129
This is the replacement fan switch for your range hood. When you turn the knob to turn the range fan on, the fan switch is actuated. If your fan will not turn on when the knob is turned, you most likely have an issue with the fan switch. The fan has a main square portion with a red center that connects to the fan control knob. The main portion is approximately 1 inch in diameter. This part is sold individually. Be sure to disconnect the power source from your range before you begin this repair.
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Fix Number FIX10282189
Manufacturer Part Number SR561116
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Fix Number FIX10282190
Manufacturer Part Number SR561117
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Exhaust Switch - Black
Fix Number FIX11740768
Manufacturer Part Number WP3147265
Fixes these symptoms
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Motor/Lamp Switch
Fix Number FIX753680
Manufacturer Part Number WB24X10110
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Fix Number FIX3501128
Manufacturer Part Number 5304482236
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Fix Number FIX10281197
Manufacturer Part Number S99030157
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Fix Number FIX10282272
Manufacturer Part Number SR99030319
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Push Button Switch
Fix Number FIX11752838
Manufacturer Part Number WPW10323305