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Light Bulb - 40W
3 Reviews
Fix Number FIX2376034
Manufacturer Part Number 8206232A
To access the exterior lightbulb, the bottom panel of the microwave will need to be removed. It is secured in place with screws, so will require a Philips screwdriver to remove it. Screw the new light bulb directly into the light socket. If this is the first time you have replaced this light bulb, the old light bulb might be held in place with silicone. This silicone will need to be cut off using either a utility knife or dental floss before removing the light bulb. Once this silicone and old bulb has been removed, the replacement bulb can be screwed in its place.
Installation Instructions
Mark from North East, PA
Bulb burnt out
Removed the screw holding the bulb cover replaced the bulb. Reinstalled the cover and screw. Remove dirty grease filter replaced with new grease filter. Read more...
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Glass Cooking Tray
1 Review
Fix Number FIX373741
Manufacturer Part Number 4393799
This glass cooking tray, also known as a turntable, is a genuine OEM replacement part for your microwave. The clear glass tray measures approximately 12 inches in diameter, and it is the surface that your dish sits on when heating food. If the tray has become cracked or damaged, it may result in the turntable not rotating, which means your food will not heat evenly. If this happens, the tray should be replaced. No tools are required to replace this part, simply line up the tray with the drive coupling ensuring that the three partial circles connect to the driver.
Fixes these symptoms
Installation Instructions
John from Menifee, CA
tray was broken
replaced the tray in about 20 seconds
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Microwave Door Interlock Switch
Fix Number FIX2361111
Manufacturer Part Number W10269458
The microwave door interlock switch prevents the microwave from starting if the door is open. If your microwave will not start when the door is closed, or it continues running if the door is opened, the door switch may need to be replaced. This microwave door interlock switch is a genuine OEM replacement part. We recommend that this part be installed by a qualified service technician. This is due to the testing the switch requires after installation, along with the potentially dangerous amount of charge the microwave capacitor can hold.
Fixes these symptoms
  • Doesn’t shut off
  • Door not closing properly
  • No heat
  • See more...
Installation Instructions
Steven from Fremont, CA
Circuit breaker and internal fuse blew upon opening door
Un-mount from cabinets. Remove top & side cabinet (single piece). Internal fuse is immediately accessible in High Voltage compartment (top). Interlock switches are mounted to a single assembly at the door latch. A single screw removes the entire assembly. I found it very difficult to remove the old switches from the interlock latch without breaking tabs on the latch, so, I purchased both switches AND a new interlock. Take pictures of the wire connections to the original installation before removing wires for reference when you re-install. Note that the failure of the fuse and circuit breaker worked in this situation as the fuse popped as I opened the microwave door. The microwave was NOT operating nor was the fan at the moment the fuse popped. A fuse which pops while the microwave is cooking is LIKELY NOT the interlock switches! Read more...
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Fix Number FIX11728088
Manufacturer Part Number W10843943
This assembly includes the damper door and frame.
Fixes these symptoms
Installation Instructions
lost cooking tray and ring turn
open microwave door, place turn ring then place glass cooking tray on and done Read more...
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Fix Number FIX12584163
Manufacturer Part Number W11252182
This support ring sits underneath the glass turntable tray.
Fixes these symptoms
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2 Reviews
Fix Number FIX1960938
Manufacturer Part Number W10138793
This part protects the microwave by shutting it off if there is an electrical surge.
Fixes these symptoms
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Fix Number FIX12584264
Manufacturer Part Number W11256462
This part allows power to go one way but not the other.
Fixes these symptoms
Installation Instructions
eugene from longs, SC
would not heat
took out four screws which opened up area top of microwave took off metal faceplate used pliers with rubber grip placed on magnatron then unscrewed one screw which held wire to magnatron then pulled out then reversed process Read more...
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Grease Filter
Fix Number FIX1847969
Manufacturer Part Number 6802A
The grease filter in your microwave range hood is used to trap dirt and debris from the air that result while cooking. A clogged and dirty filter can decrease the efficiency of your microwave, can cause the exhaust fan to not circulate properly, or can change the taste and smell of your food. Depending on how often you cook, the filter should be replaced every six to eight months. This grease filter is a genuine OEM part that measures approximately 13.5 inches by 6 inches and is made of aluminum. This part is sold individually.
Fixes these symptoms
Installation Instructions
(2)-Repairs: Replaced Grill Vent, & replaced both 'grease' & 'charcoal filters
Grill vent: Cleaned area 1st. / Grill vent snapped in, and screwed in (2) screws. "Easy does it"! (otherwise you'll break the thin plastic tabs on top of the grill vent.) / Top of vent has (4) screws, so I put a touch of red fingernail polish on the (2) screws that hold grill vent in place, to identify which screws to remove-when I want to clean the inside again. / The grease filters slide out by pulling L-to-R & R-to-L. / The old charcoal filters are removed by pushing filter to REAR of unit, with front of filter dropping down to remove. Replace by doing the same thing to install the new filters. Read more...
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Door Switch - 250V
Fix Number FIX2338920
Manufacturer Part Number W10211972
This door switch (Primary and Secondary) keeps the microwave from running when the door is open. NOTE: Two switches required. Sold individually.
Fixes these symptoms
In Stock
Charcoal Filter
Fix Number FIX1871370
Manufacturer Part Number 8206444A
Sold individually.
Installation Instructions
Charlotte from Leesburg, GA
Filters and grill replaced.
My vent grill was broken. I used a screwdriver to remove the old grill and replaced the filter and grill. It was so easy. I am a 67 year old female and it was very easy to replace both. Read more...

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