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Element Support and Clip
Fix Number FIX11766760
Manufacturer Part Number W10909479
NOTE: The manufacturer has modified the original design of this part to increase durability. As a result this part may take additional effort to install. The design includes a metal clip, which helps hold the top of the ceramic bracket in place. To install this part you will need to remove the microwave from the unit. Then open the cabinet to access the area above the supports location to insert the clip.
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Microwave Door Interlock Switch Bracket
Fix Number FIX3486543
Manufacturer Part Number WB14X10049
The door interlock switch bracket houses and supports the door switches.
Fixes these symptoms
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Mounting Plate
Fix Number FIX7784808
Manufacturer Part Number 3300W0A045A
This mounting plate is a manufacturer-approved replacement part for your microwave. The mounting plate, or bracket, secures your above-range microwave in place against the wall. To conduct this repair, make sure to first disconnect the power source, and wear protective gloves.
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Microwave Door Handle Mounting Bracket
Fix Number FIX8753759
Manufacturer Part Number WB06X10944
The door handle mounting bracket attaches the door handle to the door.
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Holder,Cook Auxiliary
Fix Number FIX3524335
Manufacturer Part Number 4930W1A069A
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Fix Number FIX2343126
Manufacturer Part Number 5304468135
Mounting hardware sold separately. This part has been redesigned by the manufacturer and may appear different then the original.
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Mounting Bracket
Fix Number FIX956611
Manufacturer Part Number WB56X10446
The mounting hardware is not included. This is the mounting plate only.
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Mounting Bracket
Fix Number FIX11751493
Manufacturer Part Number WPW10269225
Bracket only. Hardware must be ordered separately.
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Mounting Plate
Fix Number FIX1021820
Manufacturer Part Number WB56X10669
This mounting plate, also known as a bracket, is crucial for keeping your microwave mounted to the wall, when placed above the stove. This OEM part is sold separately from the screws that are needed to hold it in place. You will need a screwdriver in order to secure the mounting bracket into place.
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Fix Number FIX978753
Manufacturer Part Number 318246702