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Element Support and Clip
Fix Number FIX11766760
Manufacturer Part Number W10909479
NOTE: The manufacturer has modified the original design of this part to increase durability. As a result this part may take additional effort to install. The design includes a metal clip, which helps hold the top of the ceramic bracket in place. To install this part you will need to remove the microwave from the unit. Then open the cabinet to access the area above the supports location to insert the clip.
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Mounting Bracket
Fix Number FIX993093
Manufacturer Part Number 8206334
This individual microwave mounting bracket attaches the vent grill to the cabinet. Most times, these are sold with the vent grill assembly.
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Mounting Bracket
1 Review
Fix Number FIX11751493
Manufacturer Part Number WPW10269225
Bracket only. Hardware must be ordered separately.
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Vent Grille Mounting Clip - Right Side - Black
Fix Number FIX11726216
Manufacturer Part Number W10830163
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Vent Grille Mounting Clip - Left Side - Black
Fix Number FIX11722996
Manufacturer Part Number W10810989
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Mounting Plate
Fix Number FIX11745297
Manufacturer Part Number WP8206174
This part is used to mount your microwave to the wall.
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Fix Number FIX11723036
Manufacturer Part Number W10812024
Special Order
Fix Number FIX11731250
Manufacturer Part Number W10853628
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Support, Interlock
Fix Number FIX990910
Manufacturer Part Number 8206209
In Stock
Fix Number FIX10063943
Manufacturer Part Number W10703282

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