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Drum Glide
Fix Number FIX11741931
Manufacturer Part Number WP37001298
Located in the front bulkhead of your dryer are two drum glides, which help to ensure that the drum rotates smoothly and quietly while the dryer is operating. When the glides wear down, it can cause a metal-on-metal noise while the machine is tumbling. If you notice that your dryer is excessively noisy, is not tumbling, or is leaving marks on your clothes, it may be time to replace the glides. This genuine OEM part is sold individually, however we recommend replacing both glides at the same time to ensure even wear. Please be sure to disconnect the power supply to the dryer before beginning this repair.
Fixes these symptoms
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Two-Piece Split Ring Bearing
Fix Number FIX334199
Manufacturer Part Number 279441
This is a replacement bearing ring kit for your dryer. The bearing rings are found on the top and bottom lips of the dryer drum. If your dryer is unusually noisy, or the drum will not turn during operation, or if there are marks left on your clothes after a cycle, you may need to replace the bearing ring kit. The kit comes with 2 bearings, one for the top and one for the bottom of the dryer drum. Remove the front panel of your dryer to access the dryer drum for this repair. At this point you can use a pair of needle nose pliers to release the old bearing rings from the drum. Snap the new bearing rings on, and reassemble the dryer to complete your repair.
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Cylinder Glide Bracket
Fix Number FIX11741912
Manufacturer Part Number WP37001036
These brackets support each side of the tub. Order quantity needed.
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Front Glide Kit
Fix Number FIX2003584
Manufacturer Part Number 12002126
This kit includes 2 glides (left and right), 2 pads with adhesive backing and 1 support brace.
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Drying Rack
Fix Number FIX346849
Manufacturer Part Number 3406839
This dryer drying rack is great for drying shoes and other items that cannot tumble dry. This dryer rack fits dryers that are 29 inches wide, have the letter "E" following the numbers in the model number, and whose dimples are four and a half inches apart in the back of the dryer drum.
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Tall Drum Baffle
Fix Number FIX11743769
Manufacturer Part Number WP692490
Sold Individually - Appliance originally takes 2.
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Drum Front Bearing Ring
Fix Number FIX11741470
Manufacturer Part Number WP3394509
This part mounts to the front of the drum.
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Dryer Drum Baffle
Fix Number FIX11741750
Manufacturer Part Number WP342847
The drum baffle lifts and tumbles the clothes inside the drum as the drum rotates during the drying cycle.
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Drum Baffle - Short
Fix Number FIX11741670
Manufacturer Part Number WP3403636
This part moves the clothes around inside your dryer and helps to direct the flow of hot air during the drying cycle.
Special Order
Fix Number FIX11743761
Manufacturer Part Number WP689790

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