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Dryer Door Switch
11 Reviews
Fix Number FIX11741701
Manufacturer Part Number WP3406107
This OEM dryer door switch is an on/off mechanism that detects when the door is open to prevent the dryer from operating. If your dryer will turn on but will not start or continues working while the door is open, you may have a faulty door switch. This part features the switch and three wires, is white in color, and measures 6.5 inches long. This switch replaces the two-wire switch that is on many models. You will find this part attached to the inside of the top end of the front panel. One end attaches to the wiring harness and the other goes through the panel to make contact with the door when the door is closed. This is a regular wear part due to such frequent use or continuous harsh handling. Depending on how the switch broke, it might make it impossible to start or stop your drying cycle. You can test the function of this part by pushing on the black tab that sticks out of the front panel to make contact with the dryer door. If there is no resistance in the tab and it does not make a clicking sound, it likely needs to be replaced.
Fixes these symptoms
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Door Switch Assembly
2 Reviews
Fix Number FIX11741700
Manufacturer Part Number WP3406105
A door switch is a simple on/off mechanism that prohibits the dryer from operating when the door is open.
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Lid Switch
Fix Number FIX11723153
Manufacturer Part Number W10820036
This 3 prong lid switch is used for washing machines that do not have a tub light.
Fixes these symptoms
  • Will not agitate
  • Will not drain
  • Will Not Start
  • See more...
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Push-to-Start Switch
Fix Number FIX11741492
Manufacturer Part Number WP3398094
Also called a Relay.
In Stock
Push-to-Start Switch Kit
Fix Number FIX334156
Manufacturer Part Number 279173
This includes the switch, brackets and hardware.
In Stock
Temperature Selector Switch
Fix Number FIX11741508
Manufacturer Part Number WP3399639
This switch allows you to change the cycle settings on your dryer.
In Stock
Door Switch and Actuator Kit
Fix Number FIX334284
Manufacturer Part Number 279782
This part recognizes whether the door is open or closed.
In Stock
Door Switch with Wire
Fix Number FIX11745635
Manufacturer Part Number WP8283288
This part is what tells the dryer to stop running when the door is open.
In Stock
Push-To-Start Relay Switch
Fix Number FIX11741494
Manufacturer Part Number WP3398096
This part is used to start the dryer once you have selected a setting on the timer.
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Rotary Twist Mount Temperature Switch
Fix Number FIX11741687
Manufacturer Part Number WP3405156

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