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Lower Rack Roller with Mounting Clip
Fix Number FIX4222532
Manufacturer Part Number DD66-00023A
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Drain Pump - 120V 60HZ 45W
Fix Number FIX4222308
Manufacturer Part Number DD31-00005A
Fixes these symptoms
Installation Instructions
Kristi from Williamstown, NJ
Dishwasher got a grinding noise then stopped and the "Delicate" light was blinkng.
It took about 45 minutes from start to finish using the video posted. Read more...
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Door Latch and Switch Assembly
Fix Number FIX8764558
Manufacturer Part Number DD81-01629A
Fixes these symptoms
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Drain Check Valve
Fix Number FIX4222545
Manufacturer Part Number DD66-00045A
This part is the replacement drain check valve for your dishwasher. It is made of black plastic and is approximately 1-1/4 inches by 1-1/4 inches. The round section of the check valve is approximately 1 inch in diameter. The drain check valve prevents dirty water from re-entering the dishwasher once it has been pumped out. If the check valve is damaged or missing, you may notice that your dishwasher is not cleaning the dishes properly. This part is sold individually and is an authentic OEM part sourced directly from the manufacturer.
Fixes these symptoms
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Motor Pump Oil Shaft Seal
Fix Number FIX4222439
Manufacturer Part Number DD62-00053A
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Duct Nozzle
Fix Number FIX4222560
Manufacturer Part Number DD67-00048A
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Dishwasher Sump Seal - Black
Fix Number FIX4222437
Manufacturer Part Number DD62-00050A
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Dishwasher Chopper Blade
Fix Number FIX4222578
Manufacturer Part Number DD70-01003A
The chopper blade spins to chop up the leftover food particles in the sump area.
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Dishwasher Tub Gasket
Fix Number FIX10058976
Manufacturer Part Number DD62-00097B
The tub gasket creates a watertight seal between the dishwasher tub and door.
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Dishwasher Detergent Dispenser Assembly
Fix Number FIX4222324
Manufacturer Part Number DD59-01001A

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