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Mounting Bracket
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Fix Number FIX11745496
Manufacturer Part Number WP8269145
The mounting bracket is used to secure the top part of your dishwasher to the underside of your counter or cabinet. If you have solid surface counters (granite, quartz, etc.) you will likely need to side mount your appliance, and this type of bracket is sold separately. It is important to properly secure your dishwasher, as it helps to keep it level, and prevents it from moving, shaking, or tilting forwards. This is an authentic OEM part, made entirely of metal, and approximately 3 inches in length. These mounting brackets are sold individually, however most dishwashers require at least two brackets to secure the appliance to the countertop. It is recommended to check and replace all brackets at the same time, as they tend to wear at the same rate. Attaching the mounting bracket to the top of the dishwasher is simple, and just requires a pair of needle nose pliers to bend the tabs into place. When it comes time to attach your dishwasher to the countertop, please note that you will need screws (sold separately), a screwdriver, and if this is the first time the brackets are being attached, you will also need to use a drill bit to make pilot holes for the screws.
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  • Door latch failure
  • Door won’t close
  • Leaking
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Countertop Bracket
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Fix Number FIX11700868
Manufacturer Part Number WD01X21740
This genuine OEM bracket is used to secure the dishwasher to your cabinetry. The mounting bracket measures approximately 3 inches in length and is made of metal. If you have a solid-surface countertop, the bracket can be attached to the side of your dishwasher and secured to your cupboards. Otherwise, the bracket can be used to secure your dishwasher to the countertop. This is a safety feature as it prevents the dishwasher from tipping. The bracket does not come with the screws needed for installation, please be sure to purchase those separately.
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Tine Bracket
Fix Number FIX11770479
Manufacturer Part Number 5304506508
This bracket is designed for use in dishwashers, and it is a genuine replacement part. It is used in the upper dishrack to hold tines in place. This part is made out of plastic. Please note it is sold individually, therefore you will need to order the quantity you require. NOTE: This part has been updated by the manufacture but will still work like the original.
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Mounting Bracket
Fix Number FIX8728568
Manufacturer Part Number 00619985
This is an authentic metal mounting bracket for a dishwasher, sold individually. The purpose of this part is to secure the top of the dishwasher to the bottom of your counter. If there is no way to mount the dishwasher to the countertop itself, this bracket can also be used to mount a dishwasher onto the side of the cabinet. Over time this part will wear or damage, and this will cause the dishwasher to lose stability in the counter. Please note that the dishwasher will need to be moved out of the cabinet to install this part.
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Side Mounting Bracket Kit
Fix Number FIX1487167
Manufacturer Part Number 8212560
This mounting kit can be used on solid surface countertops.
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Heating Element Support Bracket
Fix Number FIX975933
Manufacturer Part Number 154465101
Sold individually.
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Fix Number FIX11727941
Manufacturer Part Number W10837623
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Fix Number FIX11770271
Manufacturer Part Number W11027055
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Dishwasher Mounting Bracket Kit
Fix Number FIX8697373
Manufacturer Part Number 00170664
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Spray Arm Tube Hanger
Fix Number FIX11745439
Manufacturer Part Number WP8268349
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