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Range Infinite Burner Switch - 8 Inch
Fix Number FIX11744487
Manufacturer Part Number WP7403P239-60
This infinite switch for eight inch range burners is almost three inches long. This infinite switch is for 8-inch range burners. When an element is unable to produce any heat on a modern oven, the problem may lie with the infinite switch. This switch is responsible for sending power to the surface elements. Check the element and terminal block to ensure they are working properly. If they are in working order, check the infinite switch at the control panel for any wires that have overheated, or broken terminals to or from the infinite switch. If the infinite switch is damaged or malfunctioning, it will need to be replaced. Remember to unplug your range before beginning this repair.
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Surface Element Switch
Fix Number FIX12070192
Manufacturer Part Number W10900107
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Inifinite Switch
Fix Number FIX11747252
Manufacturer Part Number WP9759474
This switch is used for the right rear and left front burner.
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Spark Ignition Valve Switch
Fix Number FIX11757574
Manufacturer Part Number WPY704512
This spark ignition valve switch is an inch and a half long. It is a white switch with a black cam. Sold individually.
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Surface Element Switch Kit
Fix Number FIX972602
Manufacturer Part Number 8203534
This switch controls the stove top surface burner.
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Dual Surface Element Control Switch
Fix Number FIX11752578
Manufacturer Part Number WPW10312185
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Speed Control Switch
Fix Number FIX11742668
Manufacturer Part Number WP4456836
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6 Inch Surface Element Infinite Switch
Fix Number FIX11740892
Manufacturer Part Number WP3191049
This switch controls the stove top surface burner.
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Igniter Switches with Harness
Fix Number FIX11742674
Manufacturer Part Number WP4456901
This part includes 5 ignition switches and the wire harness. You can not purchase these separately.
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Igniter Switch
Fix Number FIX11742372
Manufacturer Part Number WP4330739
When the gas burner valve knob is depressed and turned, this part creates a spark that lights the gas and starts the burner.
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