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Light Bulb - 40W
Fix Number FIX884734
Manufacturer Part Number 8009
This is a genuine OEM 40-Watt replacement light bulb that is compatible with various types of appliances. It has a frosted glass bulb with a standard metal socket base, making it easy to screw and unscrew by hand to replace. It is designed to tolerate extreme temperatures, which is why it is commonly used to light the inside of refrigerators and ovens. Depending on the appliance and location of the bulb, disconnecting the power is recommended. This bulb is sold individually.
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Light Bulb - 10W
Fix Number FIX11739347
Manufacturer Part Number WP22002263
This ten watt appliance light bulb is two inches tall. It is used with both washers and dryers.
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Red Indicator Light
Fix Number FIX2083515
Manufacturer Part Number 74005790
This indicator light illuminates, alerting you as to when the oven or stovetop is operating.
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Light Cover
Fix Number FIX247415
Manufacturer Part Number WB36X192
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Fix Number FIX1020380
Manufacturer Part Number WB25T10041
This part is a replacement lens for your oven or range. The lens is red in color, and when the elements are turned on, the light behind the lens will turn on to inform the user that the element is, in fact, on. The lens is a little less than half an inch in diameter and is made of plastic. If the light behind the lens still works, you should be able to simply remove the front panel and pop the damaged lens out of position, then replace it with the new one. This part is sold individually and is an OEM part sourced directly from the manufacturer.
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Pilot Light Lens - Red
Fix Number FIX11757561
Manufacturer Part Number WPY700631
This pilot light lens is red and is well under an inch long.
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Pilot Light Indicator - 125V
Fix Number FIX1021758
Manufacturer Part Number WB27T10626
This indicator or pilot light is a manufacturer-approved replacement part for your stove or range. It comes on when the the stove is in use, indicating heat. The bulb can burn out over time and fail to turn on. Remove the screws on the back access panel in order to gain access to the indicator light. Depress the plastic tab on the inidicator light to pull it out. Remove the wires and clip them to the new light before mounting the light back onto the lens. Be careful not to break the lens during this procedure.
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Indicator Light
Fix Number FIX11744053
Manufacturer Part Number WP74004153
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Surface Indicator Light - 250V
Fix Number FIX436963
Manufacturer Part Number 316022503
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Oven Light
Fix Number FIX11744440
Manufacturer Part Number WP74011278
This is an authentic OEM replacement part. This oven light assembly is used in a number of appliances, most often it can be found in ranges, wall ovens, microwaves, and microwave oven combos. This light assembly is just over four inches in length, and it is a 660 Watt bulb. This light assembly is used to provide light to the inside of your appliance, which allows you better visuals while cooking. We do recommend you wear work gloves while handling this bulb and while completing this repair. Before replacing the light assembly make sure your appliance has been unplugged.