How to Fix a Detergent Dispenser for a Washer That is Leaking

If you’ve noticed that your washer is leaking from the front, you will need to inspect the detergent dispenser to see if it is the cause of your leak. If you notice suds in the leaking water as well, then it is most likely that the dispenser drawer has a blockage or a crack in its body. This repair guide will give you step-by-step instructions on how to determine if the cause of your washer leaking is due to a clogged or damaged detergent dispenser.

Once you have established the cause, you will be able to determine whether you can fix it or will need to replace it. Often you can fix a clogged dispenser by removing it from the machine and running hot water through it until it’s clean. However, if you need a replacement detergent dispenser, we will show you how to install a replacement part and restore your washer to full working condition.

What is a Detergent Dispenser?

The detergent dispenser is responsible for supplying the washer drum with the correct amount of detergent at the appropriate time during the wash cycles. The dispenser can become clogged from using too much soap or the wrong type of soap. Over time, this residual detergent could cause a blockage between the pipe and drum causing water to fill up the drawer and eventually spill out onto the floor. It can also become damaged, and this would also cause water to overflow or leak from it during the wash cycle.

Where is the Detergent Dispenser Located?

You can find the detergent dispenser inside the top of the washer behind the dispenser drawer.

A 3D diagram showing the components of a washer and specifying the location of the detergent dispenser

How to Access, Remove, and Inspect the Detergent Dispenser

  1. Begin by unplugging the washing machine.
  2. Remove the top of your washer to access the detergent dispenser.
  3. Examine the top of the detergent dispenser for any cracks or damage.
  4. Next, remove the hoses attached to the detergent dispenser by compressing the clamps on the hose and sliding them downwards.
  5. Pull out the dispenser drawer from the front of the machine and press on the locking tab to fully release it from the machine. Set it aside.
  6. Remove any screws or clips holding the dispenser to the machine and slowly push it back to reveal the tabs that secure the top of the dispenser housing to the bottom half.
  7. Remove the clips and detach the top of the drawer housing and inspect the body for any damage or built-up residue. If there is no damage, and no residue you will need to investigate another part of the washer.
  8. If there is damage, you will need to replace the detergent dispenser.

How to Install a New Detergent Dispenser

  1. Follow steps for “How to Access, Remove, and Inspect the Detergent Dispenser in a Front Load Washing Machine,” for instructions on how to remove the detergent dispenser.
  2. Take your new dispenser housing top and fit it on to the bottom half in the machine.
  3. Snap the clips back on to hold it together and reattach the screws securing the dispenser housing to the to the frame of the washer.
  4. Push the dispenser drawer back into its slot from the front of the machine.
  5. Reattach the hoses in their correct position and secure them with the spring clamps.
  6. Place the washer top back on the machine, plug in your washer and your repair is complete.

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