How To Fix A Dryer That Shuts Off Mid Cycle - Dryer Repair
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How To Repair A Dryer That Keeps Shutting Off Too Early

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Moisture Sensor

If yours is a late-model dryer with a setting called something similar to “sensor dry,” it may be using the clothes themselves to signal when the clothes are dry, instead of using a timer. Here’s how the moisture sensor works: There are sensors on or near the forward bulkhead of the dryer that are connected to controls in the console. The wet of the clothes, tumbling past the bulkhead sensors, completes an electrical circuit in those sensors. This signal runs back to the controls in the console and they prevent the timer motor from moving on. The clothes keep tumbling. When they are dry, they cannot complete the circuit as they move past the sensor, so the timer motor can then advance to its done position. Because the moisture sensors are in the same space with the clothes, they can get gummed up with fabric softener or other debris. So first try cleaning the sensors if your sensor-dry cycle isn’t getting the clothes all the way dry.

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