Part Location Diagram of 1TTL0403032 LG Tapping Screw
See part K117 in the diagram
( Grid squares measure 1x1 inch )

Tapping Screw

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Fix Number: FIX3517557
Manufacturer #: 1TTL0403032
Manufactured by: LG

Product Description

This metal tapping screw is for washers (exact placement depends on model), it measures 0.5 inches (length) by 0.25 inches (width). This screw is sold individually and requires a Phillips head screwdriver to install.

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  • Customer:
    Frank from Ormand Beach, FL
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    Really Easy
  • Total Repair Time:
    1- 2 hours
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    Screw drivers
bouncing around the drum was shaking around realy bad
took the top off unplug the face plate then the plug on the door lock pulled the spring load ring around rubber seal only on front door put a 12'' piece of wood under the drum just behind the screws then pull just the 2 top pins out of front shocks left/right side only you don't have to take the back one off then unscrew all the screws around the drum you will need a 10mm socket an ex/ratchet remove the balance waits gray one on top brown on the bottom then go around back and pull the small cover remove the bolt reach over the top hold drum loosen bolt almost there once bolt is removed the round winding cover once you done that go around to the front and slide drum out and there is the spider mine was all rotted out remove the 6 little bolts once you remove all the 6 bolts out take a small block of wood and tap with hammer once you have the spider in hand order your parts I replace the spider the rubber o ring gasket around the drum just because I was there that's easy to replace your already there just reverse the process o 1 more thing while you have the drum out clean it just wet it you wont belive all the dirt that is on the drum I save my self about 400 dollars or buying a new one I am back to washing thanks hope that is helpful
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Model Compatibility
This part works with the following models:
Fix Number: FIX3517557
Manufacturer Part Number: 1TTL0403032
Model Number
Washer Dryer Combo - Washer-Dryer
Washer - Residential WASHER
Washer - Residential WASHER