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Fix Number FIX12031824
Manufacturer Part Number 18431
This Flav-R-Wave is an OEM approved replacement part for select models of Sterling, Huntington, Broil-Mate, and Broil King grills, to ensure this part is compatible with your grill, please see the "Model Cross Reference List" below. The primary purpose of the Flav-R-Wave is to protect your burners from food and debris, as well as to provide that smoky BBQ flavor by creating smoke when drippings fall on them. The dimensions of this part are 15.87" x 5.8", and it should be replaced when it begins to show signs of wear or damage. It is sold individually, made of porcelain-coated steel, and should be cleaned regularly. It may also be referred to as a Heat Diffuser, Heat Plate, Heat Tent, Flame Tamer, or a Heat Sheild.
Installation Instructions
The heat dispersion plates completely rusted out did that there was basically 4 hotspots on the grill.
Step 1: Removed rusted out plates and cleaned grill.
Step 2: Installed new plates.
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Fix Number FIX10283328
Manufacturer Part Number 10892-7G
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Fix Number FIX10283279
Manufacturer Part Number 10342-E12
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Hinge Clip
Fix Number FIX10283697
Manufacturer Part Number S21233
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Hose & Regulator Lp - Qcc1
Fix Number FIX10283218
Manufacturer Part Number 10114-20
Installation Instructions
The old regulator went bad (it was low when adding a new tank, then started leaking!)
The only trick is I had to take the front panel off the face above the door (just 2 screws to loosen one side) in order to access the nut for the regulator. After figuring that out it was simply loosening the old one, putting on the new one and tightening! Read more...
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Fix Number FIX10283275
Manufacturer Part Number 10342-245
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6-In. Wheel
Fix Number FIX10371349
Manufacturer Part Number 10892-608
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Grease Pan
Fix Number FIX10283396
Manufacturer Part Number 22009-901
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Cast Iron Cooking Grate
Fix Number FIX10283532
Manufacturer Part Number 52007-181
This is a Manufacturer Approved replacement part designed for a variety of Grills. This cooking grate made out Metal with Black Porcelain coating and it is Sold Individually. Cooking grate provides a stable cooking area for grilling.
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Electronic Ignitor
Fix Number FIX10282625
Manufacturer Part Number 10342-244

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