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Light Bulb - 10W
Fix Number FIX11739347
Manufacturer Part Number WP22002263
This ten watt appliance light bulb is two inches tall. It is used with both washers and dryers.
Installation Instructions
steve from POPLAR GROVE, IL
Dryer would not heat
Watched YouTube videos on how to diagnose and execute the repair. Always unplug the unit prior to performING any work. Diagnosed the heating element was bad. Easy to remove using only a 1/4" socket or nut driver. Decided to replace the thermal fuse and thermostat while I had the unit apart. To reassemble just reverse the steps. Very easy repair to complete yourself with little/no appliance knowledge. Good luck. Read more...
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Fix Number FIX11757023
Manufacturer Part Number WPW10662129
This part helps the compressor kick on and off while maintaining a constant temperature to keep things frozen in your freezer.
Fixes these symptoms
  • Clicking sound
  • Freezer section too warm
  • Fridge and Freezer are too warm
  • See more...
Installation Instructions
Lisa from Yulee, FL
Both comparments very warm but fan working and lights on
Bought Capacitor, but I had to purchase Combo Start Up Kit that Cap goes into. The site said that 78% of the time my problem of both compartments being warm were resolved/repair by replacing Capacitor, but when the item was replaced it did not and my son looked further and found that it would then be the Combination Start Up Kit (Part# PS11740412), which starts the compressor. Thanks to this site the video used to install both parts. I was able to use the old Capacitor and I am returning the new one first purchased. Read more...
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Light Bulb - 120V 25W
Fix Number FIX11747806
Manufacturer Part Number WPA3073101
This twenty-five watt microwave light bulb is two and a half inches long. It has a small, screw-in base and it carries 120V. This item sells in a quantity of one, though many microwaves require two.
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Fix Number FIX11750827
Manufacturer Part Number WPW10238068
This door gasket is used to make an air-tight seal for the cabinet when the door is closed.
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Defrost Timer
Fix Number FIX11750857
Manufacturer Part Number WPW10239390
This device acts like a clock. It continually advances and alternates between activating the cooling cycle and the defrost heater.
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Switch, Light
Fix Number FIX1485835
Manufacturer Part Number 4344858
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Drier (Service)
Fix Number FIX11749031
Manufacturer Part Number WPW10143759
This is a drier for your refrigerator. You may also know this part as an ultra violet dye drier or a filter drier. It filters the refrigerant that moves through the sealed system. If your fridge/freezer is not starting, you should consider replacing this part. If you have decided to replace the drier, we recommend considering an appliance repair technician that is licensed and trained. This is because installing it will require specialized knowledge and tools. During the repair, the refrigerant in the refrigerators sealed-system will need to be recovered and recharged.
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Fix Number FIX1485803
Manufacturer Part Number 4344823
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Fix Number FIX2328965
Manufacturer Part Number W10163278
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Handle Mounting Stud
Fix Number FIX11746569
Manufacturer Part Number WP8564951

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