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Grooved Ring 12 X 20 X 4
Fix Number FIX9984414
Manufacturer Part Number 6.365-393.0
In Stock
Engine Oil
Fix Number FIX9984255
Manufacturer Part Number 6.288-050.0
In Stock
Grooved Ring
Fix Number FIX9984415
Manufacturer Part Number 6.365-394.0
This is a grooved ring, installed on the pump piston. It is sold individually and sourced right from the original manufacturer, ensuring the proper fit for your pressure washer. The function of this part is to be a seal to prevent the oil in the reservoir and the water in the pump from contaminating each other. The groove ring is known to wear over the use of your equipment and this can cause a decrease in pressure and water leakage.
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Spill Valve
2 Reviews
Fix Number FIX9949597
Manufacturer Part Number 4.591-040.0
This spill valve is for pressure washers. Spill valve opens when water flowing through the pump gets too hot, releasing the hot water in exchange for cooler water.
Fixes these symptoms
Installation Instructions
steve from white, GA
no pressure
removed pump from motor replaced spill valve
In Stock
O-Ring Set
Fix Number FIX9917417
Manufacturer Part Number 2.880-990.0
In Stock
Valve (Sold Individually)
Fix Number FIX9949583
Manufacturer Part Number 4.580-330.0
This part includes one pump check valve for use with pressure washers. The pump check valve and the piston regulate the flow of water through the pump assembly. It is common for the part to wear out over time, so it should be part of your regular inspection check-list. If you use your pressure washer quite a bit, we recommend having one of these on hand in your tool box.
In Stock
Pressure Spring
Fix Number FIX9960774
Manufacturer Part Number 5.332-391.0
Special Order
Fix Number FIX9984335
Manufacturer Part Number 6.362-471.0
In Stock
Grooved Ring
Fix Number FIX9984378
Manufacturer Part Number 6.362-875.0
In Stock
Fix Number FIX9984469
Manufacturer Part Number 6.414-252.0

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