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Carburetor Overhaul Kit
Fix Number FIX8984098
Manufacturer Part Number 498260
This is a replacement carburetor overhaul kit for your small engine. The carburetor is essential to the overall performance of your engine, and the carb can get clogged up over time for a variety of reasons. When your carb becomes clogged, it is often a good idea to take it apart and replace the various parts inside by purchasing a carburetor kit. This is a 15-piece set and contains everything that you will need to do a total overhaul of your carburetor. You may want to purchase some carb cleaner as well, to ensure that the new pieces in the carb kit fit and adhere properly.
Fixes these symptoms
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Primer-Carburetor (7/8"Dia. Fits BS Quantum Engines 5, 5.5 &6 HP
Fix Number FIX9067198
Manufacturer Part Number 694395
Fixes these symptoms
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Fix Number FIX8963322
Manufacturer Part Number 398188
Fixes these symptoms
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Fix Number FIX9306908
Manufacturer Part Number 796611
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Fix Number FIX8961149
Manufacturer Part Number 398187
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Inlet Needle, Seat, And Clip Assembly
Fix Number FIX9052162
Manufacturer Part Number 631021B
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Link-Mech Governor
Fix Number FIX9074261
Manufacturer Part Number 691829
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Fix Number FIX9281326
Manufacturer Part Number 494218
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Carburetor Assembly (Inc. Key No. 113)
Fix Number FIX9873328
Manufacturer Part Number 099980425116
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Fix Number FIX11925911
Manufacturer Part Number 285818-55